Bronson Canyon- GriffithPark



Location: Griffith Park

Address: 3200 Canyon Drive
              Hollywood, CA 90068
              Phone: (323) 666-5046

Directions: Off of Franklin Avenue and Canyon Drive (look for the Mayfield Market).

What’s Cool about Bronson Canyon?

You can take a very short hike up to the “Batman” caves (where they filmed the 1960’s TV show). Lot’s of people walk their dogs off leash there and there are picnic tables and a small play area at entrance of the park. You are also able to walk up a huge hill towards Camp Hollywoodland for Girls (when camp isn’t in session I believe) and get to a great set of stairs which leads up toward the top of the canyon and almost to the Hollywood sign!

What to bring: WATER, sunglasses, BUG SPRAY (the bugs are brutal) and SUNSCREEN

Waredrobe: Hiking boots or sturdy tennis shoes, comfortable clothes and a hat.

Dog Friendly? ABSOLUTELY

Kid Friendly? YUP!

EXERCISE LEVEL: Very Easy…beginning for sure! This is a good place for new “exercisers” to start walking or hiking.

Wheelchair Friendly: Not unless you want to tip over on the trails, but you can wheel down the paved road or sit under the trees!

Picnicing? A great place for picnicing!

Wild Life? I’m sure there’s TONS but I didn’t see anything.

Cell Phone Signal: Even if you have T-Mobile

Best time to go: Weekdays! It’s PACKED on the weekends!


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