Lost Horse Mine- Joshua Tree


Trailhead: Take the 10 towards Palm Springs and exit on the 62 heading North.

Follow the 62 through the desert hamlets of Morongo, Yucca Valley, and Joshua Tree.

From there you will see signs that tell you how far you are from the West entrance to

the park. Turn right on Park and follow it to the entrance booth where you’ll pay a $15

fee that is good for one week in the park.

Drive about ten miles to Key’s View Road, turn right (just before Cap Rock) and follow it until

you see a sign for

Lost Horse Mine. Drive about a mile down the dirt road to the parking area.

I love a hike that has a destination. If you do too, this would be a great one

for you!

What to Bring: LOTS of water and a Hiking Backpack.

Wardrobe: Clothes that will keep you cool. Hat, Sunglasses, Hiking boots or

Shoes or sturdy Tennis shoes.

Sunscreen is a given since you ARE in the Desert.

Kid Friendly? YES

Dog Friendly: No Dogs allowed in the BACK COUNTRY

Food: On the road before the park. Bring a snack.

Cell Service: NONE

Back Country Camping Available At This Location May Not Be Available.

Check with the Ranger.

The Trail for this hike is well defined and the elevation is a fairly easy climb. If I have to climb ANYTHING- I think it’s hard but in this instance…it wasn’t too bad.

The views are too die for (but try not to, ok) and you can see just how gorgeous the desert is from that high up. The switchbacks were kinda fun and we ran into some old mining equiptment on the way up…

TOTALLY fasinating and extremely cool! From the top of the mine, you can see the foundations of the houses that the workers lived in. We didn’t go explore those because the MINE itself was really *neat* and I just kept taking picture after picture of it (not that you can tell or anything).

We hung out up there for a while because it was cool and breezy and the view was just killer. The way back ALWAYS sucks because you’re tired and dirty and just want to get to the car…

The thing I LOVE about Joshua Tree is that almost every trail head has a bathroom…a CLEAN bathroom so if you need to change you can do it in there and not have to do the “Naked Pants Dance” in the car. That’s hard to do discreetly…even though I really couldn’t give a shit who sees me get undressed after I hike.

All in all- a pleasent day even though Robbie started out the hike being an ass and pissing me off…but we won’t mention that, will we?!

The Trail

More Pictures

Just in case you’re wondering, That cute chick in the pink hat is me minus 194 lbs. The guy next to me is my occasional boyfriend and Hiking Partner, Robbie.

The Mine Shaft , Mine “stuff” and a really cool, old can I found!

Stressing the DETAILS!

This is a 4.5 mile Hike
Est. Hike time 2-2 1/2 hours
Watch for SNAKES
BRING at least 2 liters of water…MORE is recommended
and when 1/2 your water is gone, turn around and go back!

Address: Joshua Tree National Park
              Joshua Tree, Ca.


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