Old Zoo Trail- Griffith Park

OLD ZOO PATH- Griffith Park

4730 Crystal Springs Dr. Los Angeles

Directions to Hike #1–  From Crystal Springs Drive/Griffith Park Drive, turn west at Griffith Park Drive

(this is not a typo, heading north, the name Griffith Park Drive makes a hard left as the pavement continues straight and changes name to Crystal Springs Drive. If going south, watch for the Griffith Park Drive signand turn right). Watch closely for the sign a few hundred feet after the turn. Park in the lot that indicates it’s for the Old Zoo. (Incidentally…I LOVE the Old Zoo and will be doing a piece on it shortly- so stay tuned to your local…blah, blah, blah…you get the picture!)

Ok- so you’re parked. Get OUT of the car and Hike your Buttocks up the long drive. When you get to the end, you’ll see 1 offical pathway to your left (back way to the Old Zoo), a gated off trail directly in front of you and to the right- you’ll see a hole in the fence.

Choose said HOLE and follow the path to the top…or bottom…depending on how hard you want to work!

What to Bring:
Hat, Sunscreen, Tons of Water, first aid kit, backpack
and something to re-energize yourself after the hike (aka- food)!

WARDROBE:   Comfortable clothes that will keep you cool but
properly covered. Hiking Boots, Hiking Shoes or really well
made sneakers.

WHEN TO GO:  Before Noon or else you’ll melt

I don’t mean melt- melt…I mean a pool of sweat the size of a lake melt. Like 

people might actually stop and try to fish in you.

DEGREE OF DIFFICULTY:   Chosing the uphill path is harder then the downhill path


PET FRIENDLY: On a leash…my dog dragged her leash- does that count?


FOOD: Is close by (outside the Park) but I would bring

something with you. Plan a picnic lunch- there’s a great Picnic Area that’s never crowded right where you need to park!

This is a great SPUR of the moment type of hike. I live-like-15 minutes MAX from Griffith Park and sometimes I get up and go-“Wow! I feel like hiking today!” Actually, it’s more like- “I should get my ass out of this bed and get moving before I gain any weight…”

Anyway- the weird thing is that I swear my dog Kasey can read my mind because whenever I think I MIGHT want to go, she ends up stalking me endlessly all morning. Patroling, pacing and trying to turn the doorknob with her nose. If she ever grew thumbs, I’d have a major problem on my hands! Ok-

to get back on the subject of my hike…


Once you get through the fence and up the hill a bit, You’ll see this…

Head uphill for a better view and a more cardio workout. Bill Eckert would be proud of you if you did!

When you get to the top, you’ll get a view of Beautiful, Downtown Burbank….

The Upper Trail Runs all the way to Forest Lawn (where the Rich and Famous are dead and buried). I haven’t made it that far because the last few times I went I was A) Too Tired or B) Trying the Lower Trails. Kasey had a great time with me and if she didn’t try to pull my arm off every 5 minutes, I would have had a better time with HER (such a pain in the ass sometimes)!



So all and all- It’s a very nice early morning/afternoon hike. Kasey wore herself out and I had to load her back into BIG RED myself…

I LOVE to load 90 lbs of dog into the back of my Tracker after a long hike, don’t you? No worries though- we drove through McDonalds on the way home and I got a SF Vanilla Iced Coffee and she got a hamburger (hold the pickles).


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