Santa Monica Pier/ Venice Beach

Santa Monica Pier/ Venice Beach Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica, Ca.

The Workout: Walking from Santa Monica Pier to the Marina Del Rey Pier (at Washington Blvd. and Ocean Front Walk)
Estimated Distance: 2.93 miles one way
What to Bring: Water, Sunscreen, a hat and beach gear (if you want to chill on the sand for a bit)
What to Wear: Tennis Shoes, weather appropriate clothes, maybe a bathing suit?
Kid Friendly: Hell yeah
Dog Friendly: ABSOLUTELY
Cell Service: Yup
Food: Every 10 ft!
Walk good for EVERY Level? Yes

Walkers! This is one of the BEST places to get your WALK on! Now- the key is to try and do the whole thing without stopping every 10 ft to see what the vendors have on their tables and in their shops…FYI- this is REALLY hard!

My suggestion is that you spend one day shopping and then come back another day to get in your exercise.That way, you can get to experience ALL of the Pier and Venice Beach’s glory on the first day and then seriously get your exercise in the next day.

What I usually do: I stay on the path until I get to Big Daddy’s Pizza (let’s not talk about the Fried Apple Slices with Cinnamon Sugar and Whipped Cream that I would sell my Mother for, ok..) and then head to the Beach and walk back (on the sand, by the water) to SM Pier. In other words, I don’t go all the way to the Marina Pier- I make it HARDER by talking the Beach Route (sand is hard to walk on, you know) back. Total Distance: about 5 miles round trip.

FOOD TIP: Behind Big Daddy’s Pizza is a Healthy Food Vendor (the name escapes me but it’s VERY yummy). They have grilled kabobs, salads and wraps…totally healthy compared to every place else.  So if you’re hungry, I would eat there BUT Big Daddy’s has a really good Turkey Hot Dog…not the greatest choice but still better then PIZZA!

My Walking Companion for the Day

You guys remember Robbie?!

Start at Santa Monica Pier

and take the PATH toward Venice Beach. Hit the beach and you’ll end up HERE

….and then head back to the PIER. 5 miles breezes by!

Just to go over the Workout one more time:
Take the Ped. Path thru Venice Beach Walk until you get to Big Daddy’s Pizza. Head toward the beach (right by the Sheriff’s Station is the best place to access the sand). Robbie and I chilled on the beach for about an hour or so and then headed back to Santa Monica Pier via SAND. That’s HARD!

BAD THINGS: The beach is kinda dirty. Seriously people- try a TRASH CAN!
GOOD THINGS: We saw DOLPHINS swimming (that is ALWAYS so magical), watched little kids build sand castles (I made a dog face in the sand) and saw so many people from all over the WORLD just relaxing and taking in the rays…Ahhhh- So Cal at it’s finest!

I LOVE this picture…

This Pelican was just sitting there and this DUDE was hanging out with him…too funny

A Calm, Serene Way to end the Day…


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