Ventura Boulevard- Sherman Oaks/Studio City


…NOBODY walks in LA! (except moi).

Every now and then, you just have to get out into the neighborhood. Perhaps you have a screaming, teething Grandson who needs some fresh air and a diversion?! Maybe the gym is TOO CROWDED and you need to find some other way to workout?!


The walk I took today was 1.4 miles and should take about 30-45 minutes at a slow (2 mph) to moderate pace (2.5 mph). I stopped at the Grocery Store so I took about 15 minutes off my time. As tempting as it is, I didn’t window shop and kept a comfortable pace. Los Angeles in the winter rocks and it was a VERY balmy 75 degrees today!

For a successful walk, you should:

Wear Good Walking/Running Shoes and comfortable clothes that are weather appropriate.

Bring a bottle or 2 of water

Apply Sunscreen if necessary and wear a hat to avoid sunburn

Pace yourself if you’re just starting out 🙂

My Co-Adventurer

Mister Caiden aka Teething, Devil Baby

I know he looks innocent…anyway…

My Co-Adventurer knocked out 3 seconds after we left the house- so it was a peaceful (thank you) walk!

There are some great sites to see on this mini-excursion.

This is the Car Wash to the Stars…

…This is the last place James Dean got gas before he

met his untimely death. I believe he stood to the left of

the pole. Now it’s part of Handy J Carwash and a flower


This is the tattoo shop that Brittany Spears went to after she shaved her head. (Rolling Eyes)

She tied up traffic for an hour down the WHOLE BOULEVARD! Brat…

The OTHER Ralphs Market to the Stars…this one feeds the “Beverly Glen Celebrities” (the next street up that leads to Beverly Hills) as well as myself who as you know, is a celebrity in her own mind. The Studio City Ralphs caters to the “South of the Boulevard” Celebrities.

A great WALK (and ROLL for Caiden) was had by all and I really

enjoyed taking photos for your viewing pleasure! If you haven’t started

exercising quite yet, leave a comment on the guest page and I will

email you back with my sure fire tips on how to start slowly and safely.

If anyone knows how- it’s me! I was close to 400 lbs when I began exercising- remember?! So far- no serious injuries!


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