Angels Stadium- Anaheim


                          Angels Stadium of Anaheim
                             2000 E Gene Autry Way
                                  Anaheim, CA 92806
                                     (714) 940-2000

Home of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

WHAT YOU CAN BRING IN:    A camera and a bottle of water less then 44 oz. That’s it!

Bring SUNSCREEN if you’re going to catch a game and find your seat in the SUN

WAREDROBE:   Comfortable Tennis Shoes and Clothes that will keep you cool

WHEN TO GO:   During the sesson to catch a game or take a 1 hour tour off season

DEGREE OF DIFFICULTY:   You can make it as easy or hard as you’d like


PET FRIENDLY: Are you kidding?


FOOD: You can tailgate in the lot before the game so if you need to stay on your food program – you can.

ADMISSION:   The cheapest seats are in the FAMILY Area and are $3*

*(in 2007- don’t know how much they are now).

How is a BASEBALL STADIUM an adventure?

Show up 2 hours before game time and just walk the place from top to bottom. My legs were KILLING ME after going up and down the ramps and just running around the Stadium in general!

HOW TO HANDLE YOUR FOOD PROGRAM: If you have any will power, you can.

You can get water or diet soda there and there is a Carl’s JR. at the entrance, so you can buy a CHICKEN SALAD or a BBQ Chicken Sandwich (310 calories). Just stay away from the BBQ area near the ROCK FORMATION…the Hot Dogs there ROCK! Was I able to handle the food? No- but I planned it that way. I planned on having a few beers and a  hot dog because- it’s a BASEBALL GAME! Don’t follow my example…I was weak! I know I DID walk off my beers! I was exhausted the next day!

What qualifies this as an ADVENTURE? Lots of Nooks and Crannies to explore…fun trivia to read on the walls…friendly employees to mess with…lots of places to get kicked out of AND- if you’re lucky, you’ll spy the Angels Team Owner walking around and before he says no- you can get a picture with him! YAY!

Angels Owner Arte Moreno and myself ( I was OVER 300 lbs at the time) below!


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