Corriganville Park- Simi Valley


LOCATION: Smith Road, East of Kuehner in Simi Valley

WHAT YOU CAN BRING IN:    A camera (if you’d like) and LOTS of WATER!

WARDROBE:   Comfortable Tennis Shoes or Hiking Books, SUNSCREEN a hat and Clothes

that will keep you cool and flexible for hiking

WHEN TO GO:   Anytime it’s not a million degrees outside. Going in the morning is awesome!

DEGREE OF DIFFICULTY:   You can make it as easy or hard as you’d like


PET FRIENDLY: Yes but I think they have to stay on a leash.


FOOD: Bring your own! There is a nice picnic area where you can rest and renourish!

ADMISSION:  FREE (my favorite price)


This is the coolest park to visit! I went by myself  (which I don’t recommend doing if you’re female) and there were plenty of people in the park, many with dogs- so I felt fairly safe.

Corriganville used to be a Movie Ranch waaaay back in the day. Lots of famous movies and TV shows have been filmed there. In 1949, this property was used as a Western Themed

Amusement Park and was voted one of the 10 Best Attractions in America back in the 50’s. Google the ranch for more information- It’s a kick!

There are 2 marked trails- One for Flora, one for Movie Trivia! Interesting and educational! I used this method for my work out- I walked super fast between signs…stopped and read them and then continued quickly to the next. I took every hill I could find and walked up those as well. I got a terrific workout!


Here are some of the Western Town ruins…

Caves, mountain views and all that fun stuff!            


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