Hollywood Forever- Hollywood


APRIL 2006


ADDRESS: 6000 Santa Monica Blvd. Hollywood 90038

DIRECTIONS: Between Vine and Western on Santa Monica Blvd…just look for the dead people.

TEMPURATURE: Winter- 45 to 70 degrees. Spring, Summer, Fall- 70 degress to 100 +.

WHAT TO BRING: A Camera. Wear some sun screen if it’s really sunny out because you’ll be indoors and outdoors.

WAREDROBE: Comfortable Shoes that you don’t mind getting muddy, weather appropriate clothing…nothing fancy. Sunglasses are nice if you want to project  that “HOLLYWOOD VIBE!”


WILD ANIMALS:  Just the people who live in Hollywood

PICNICING: I’ve heard that people picnic here but I’m not a “Dining with the Dead” type of girl. At least THEY don’t try to eat off your plate!

KID FRIENDLY? For older ones who like “Old Hollywood” or very young ones who will sleep most of the time!

CELL SERVICE: Yup! But be respectful and put it on vibrate.

COOL STUFF? If you LOVE old Hollywood and you’re a little morbid, you’ll like this a lot! It’s also supposed to be HAUNTED….ooooo…..

EXERCISE LEVEL- Leasurely to Mildly Aerobic

An EASY, Fat Friendly Stroll.

WHY did I include a CEMERTERY?

I swear, it’s REALLY cool!

TIPS: When you get to the guard gate, just tell him you want to look for movie stars. He’ll show you where to buy a map (I think it was either $2 or $5). Just park anywhere because you’ll be all over this joint! Look through the map and see where the biggest clusters of dead movie stars are and just work your way around the park. It’s a nice stroll and there’s a TON of people to visit! It will take you at least 2 hours…maybe even more.

HIGHLIGHTS: Don’t miss Joey Ramone’s (from the PUNK BAND the RAMONES) huge BUST. Mel Blanc’s (Bugs Bunny, Tweety) gravestone says something REALLY cute. You CAN’T miss the Fairbanks or the Barrymores and say HI to Hattie McDaniels from (GWTW). Interesting trivia: The old, horrible, disgusting, nasty original owner wouldn’t let Hattie McDaniel be buried at Hollywood Forever because she was African American. Last year, her family had her moved to the cemetery because it was her wish to be laid to rest with her Hollywood peers.

NOTE: I did this walk in 2006 with my Ex-Boyfriend who wants to be a film maker…he LOVED it and I loved the exercise. I took TONS of pictures but I erased them from my computer. The next time I go, I’ll take some new ones.

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