Los Angeles Zoo

Los Angeles Zoo

5333 Zoo Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90027-1451
(323) 644-4200
Get directions

Hours: 10am-5pm

General Admission Prices

Rates and fees are subject to change at anytime.

Adults (ages 13 – up) $13
Seniors (age 62 and up) $10
Children (ages 2 to 12) $8
Children (under 2) Free
Parking Free

Membership- If you are planning to visit the Zoo more than once a year, I would suggest getting a membership. I have a Family Membership but will be buying a Family Deluxe Membership this year. Why do I buy a membership every year?

1) It’s Tax Deductable 2) It helps support the Zoo  3) They have special Programs only available for Supporters 

4) I can go at a drop of a hat    5) I’d  rather exercise and look at animals then walk and look at my neighbors houses.   6) I live 12 minutes away and go often!

Yes, the Zoo isn’t in great shape right now but if we SUPPORT their efforts by buying a membership~ we will get them closer to their goals!

Why is this a GREAT WORKOUT?

Lots of HILLS, fresh AIR (as fresh as you can get in LA),

Sunshine…enough said, right?

What to Wear: Comfy Clothes, A Hat, Walking Shoes (cuz you ARE supposed to be working out),

Sunscreen and a Sweatshirt or Jacket if it’s nippy out.

What to Bring: Water and Snacks. Even though they have Picnic Areas, I’ve never been sure

if you can bring your own food in or not. I always hide snacks at the bottom of my bag anyway.

Food: The food at the ZOO is expensive and pretty bad for you. They DO have the best

Kettle Corn but…ummm… BEHAVE yourself  and don’t EAT it!


Your Fat Adventures Partner/Co-Host (and MY Grandson) IS:

Caiden Riley Johnson-Strong

To Acheive Your BEST workout:

Start out at the Main Gate and walk (Non- Stop) through the Zoo until you get to the Top. The Top of the Zoo is past the Lions and Giraffes and stuff- like near the boring ANTELOPE (you KNOW the Antelope are boring, don’t deny it). Walk at a medium to fast pace to get the MOST out of your walk then work your way DOWN…

Why does this work? Because it is all UPHILL and your legs will hate me for this. Once you start working your way down, you can look at the animals at your leisure (my co-host was sleeping on the way UP which was a major benefit).

Granted- it’s not a HARD workout, but it’s effective and you’ll at least get SOME kind of exercise in for the day. 5 hours at the Zoo can make you TIRED!


Note: This Lion is from the Selig Zoo circa 1915. This was a Zoo/Movie Studio which I believe was in the East LA. At one time, the Selig Zoo was the largest Zoo in the country and had 700 animals. Soon, they went into financial ruin and the statues were put into storage. They sat from 1967 until 2000- when the owner of the statues (who bought them ALL for $1200) donated them to the LA Zoo and restration began.      



A lot of the exhibits were being expanded, so if you plan on visiting- you won’t see much. TG they are FINALLY working on the Elephant Enclosure! That poor Elephant used to be so unhappy…I hope he’s happier when it’s finished!

I have to tell you the one thing that just PISSED me off! There was not ONE piece of glass that wasn’t etched on by some idiot with a key or a knife. I just don’t understand THESE PEOPLE. Why would you DO THIS?! If I won the lottery TOMORROW, I would donate the money to have ALL the glass replaced and I would find the type of glass that you can’t etch on OR I would put up cameras on every exhibit and would be happy as a clam sitting there all day, busting hoods…okay- off my soap box and back to the task at hand!

Caiden and I took a lunch break before seeing the Gorillas. The Zoo has a new Gorilla Habitat that I STILL think it’s too small. I think that THEY think it’s too small as well because they were ready to throw POO at us. I asked Caiden if we should leave and he said, “Goo.” That means “Let’s get the HELL outta here” in Caiden talk…so we split and went to see the Zebra. Caiden fell asleep again, so I had the joy of smelling the Zebra all by myself!

FYI- I stuck my own lunch at the bottom of the diaper bag, so Caiden and I had a little nosh on a bench…He especially liked the sun coming through the trees. Apparently, that is very entertaining for a 6 week old baby!


We went up the hills and down the hills- many, many times. If I stopped walking, Caiden would wake up SO he became my Personal Trainer for the day…

“STOP and I’ll SCREAM!” Okay, okay- I get ya, Kid!

The Wrap Up…

Even though a LOT of the Exibits were closed, it was a great day. Caiden and I got some air and exercise and his Mommy got to sleep for 5 hours…what can be bad?!

FYI- This Orangatan was behind glass about 2 feet away from us. She posed, I snapped! I thought that she deserved a whole page with just HER on it because she is SO FABU!


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