PINE CITY- Joshua Tree

PINE CITY- Joshua Tree



Trailhead: Take the 10 freeway to the 62 – head North, pass through Morongo Valley,



Yucca Valley and the town of Joshua Tree. You will see signs that say Joshua Tree

National Park. Turn right on Park Avenue, there is a sign and a stoplight. Follow the road

for 6 miles to the entrance gate. Pay your entrance fee and continue, drive for about ten miles,

until you see the sign for Parker Dam, turn left and follow this road almost to the parking lot.

Here you will see a dirt road on your right – this is Queen Valley Road – follow it. You will come

to a fork, take the left one. Follow it to the parking area and new restroom.

What to Bring: LOTS of water and a Hiking Backpack.

Wardrobe: Clothes that will keep you cool. Hat, Sunglasses, Hiking boots or Shoes or sturdy Tennis shoes.

Sunscreen is a given since you ARE in the Desert.

Kid Friendly? YES

Dog Friendly: No Dogs allowed in the BACK COUNTRY

Food: On the road before the park. Bring a snack.

Cell Service: NONE

Back Country Camping Available At This Location

Did you ever look back at a picture and think…”Geez, that shirt is ugly…what possesed me to wear that thing?? Yup- that’s what I think everytime I look at this picture…

My Hiking Companion Today
Robbie Again and … Me 🙂


So my hiking companion, Robbie and I make it to “Pine City”. I’m climbing the rocks and having a good ole’ time when I walk right into a cactus. Yeah- ummm, Ouch! Down go my pants as I pull spine after spine out of my thigh. I will basically drop my pants anywhere but only if it’s fun…ya know what I mean? Anyway…

We decided to head further along the path when Robbie yells out “Roc”! What is about six inches away from my leg? A HUGE Rattlesnake in strike position! He heard it, I saw it and I leaped like a GAZELLE pretty much OVER the rocks, onto the trail and away from that menacing BASTARD. It snaked it’s snakey self into the bushes and away from us- “whew”!

We kept going- “Where’d it go?” (Both of us together)

                         “It’s over there!”  (me)
                         “Where?!”           (Him)

                         “Right there in the bush!”

                         “Throw a rock at it!”
                         “No way- YOU throw a rock at it…”

                         “Where is IT?!”

                        ” Holy crap! Look at the SIZE of that fucker!”

                        “Where is it?!?!?!”
                        ” Damn Boy! You  need glasses!”

(Tosses rock and get’s snake moving…)

                      “Oh! THERE it is! I’m not going near that bush!”

                      “Doesn’t matter, Hun…there are probably 20 snakes behind us laughing and say ‘Look, Phill scared the humans! Hahahaha!’ ”

Anyway- It was a close call there my friends….

Along the rest of the trail we hiked- absolutely paranoid (thank you very much Mr. Diamondback), looking for the remains of a mining town and a few mines. The trail started to lead down into a canyon but we both looked up at the sun and decided it was best to head back because the sun was starting to fade behind the mountains and I stupidly forgot to pack my flashlight (duh).

PINE CITY (and a whole lotta BOULDERS)


We never did find the Mining Town but I found out that we took a wrong turn and followed the wrong trail…UGH. Apparently, we needed to make a right at the 1st pine tree and follow THAT trail. Next time…

All and all…

We still had a good time…even if we both were paranoid and tired and had colds and not enough time to explore further and……


2.2 Miles Round Trip

1.5 to 2 hrs

Flat- out and back

Watch out for snakes

(Trust me on this)

I Almost Forgot- FYI: Pine City isn’t actually FULL of pine trees…just a few
here and there which is still weird because you’re in the desert and all. If you’re looking for a LUSH forest- it’s not here.



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