The Old Zoo- Griffith Park

4730 Crystal Springs Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90027

Griffith Park lies just west of the Golden State Freeway (I-5), roughly between Los Feliz Boulevard on the south and the Ventura Freeway (SR 134) on the north. Freeway off-ramps leading to the park from I-5 are Los Feliz Boulevard, Griffith Park (direct entry) and Zoo Drive. Approaching the park on SR 134 eastbound, take either the Forest Lawn Drive or Victory Boulevard offramps.

From SR 134 westbound, take Zoo Drive or Forest Lawn Drive. After leaving freeways, follow the signs into the park. The Old Zoo Picnic Area is located just beyond the Park Ranger Headquarters and Shane’s Inspiration. Below Harding Golf Course.

What to wear: Comfortable clothes that you can explore in (Indiana Jones Hat Optional), SUNSCREEN, Bug Spray in over 70 degree weather, hiking boots/hiking shoes/or sturdy tennis shoes.

Bring: Water. This is a beautiful picnic area so if you are game- chow down, Kids!

Cell Phone Sevice: Kinda of

Kid and Dog Friendly: A little TOO friendly (just kidding)

BONUS: Some of the most scenic Trails in the park are in this area (See Hikes for more details).

A Change of Plans…

My Co-Host for the day and I ended up at the OLD ZOO in a very odd way today. We were supposed to go on our very first GHOST HUNT in Griffith Park but the place we were going to investigate ended up being closed do to road work. Our group of 27 “hunters” split up- some headed for “Train Town” and some headed for the OLD ZOO.

I thought my Co-Host Christine (I call her X-tine) would enjoy the OLD ZOO alot more than Train Town so she and I met half the group there and explored.


Jog up the stairs (yes, I said JOG up the STAIRS…lazy). When you get to the top, make a  left and follow the path all the way around, past the enclosures to the upper path (which leads  to the trail I showed you above) and take the upper path until you reach the hiking trail. You can either continue on the hiking trail OR follow the path back down, turn left at the bottom and continue past the cages on your left until you take the path all the way around. This path is a complete loop and if you walk it about 4 times, I’d estimate it to be about a mile or so.

My Co-Host! The Lovely X-tine…

Here’s some interesting information about the Old Zoo for you…

I can’t help feeling bad for the animals that were kept here way back in the day. I know that they weren’t exactly ADVANCED when it came to animal care but…seriously? I mean- think about it. You are an animal raised in the wild who runs free- would you want to be put into a 6×6 cell?

I think not…(hopping off soap box).


One of the outdoor habitats. You can actually walk into them and see where the animals slept, the keepers walkways, etc

On the path above the enclosure, you can duck through the fence and go right into the exhibit… 


Also along the upper trail, you’ll find the Gorilla Cage (sad and small) and this Hiking trail as well…


The Wrap Up

X-Tine and I had a good time even if we weren’t able to hunt any ghosts today. We were in the beautiful, So Cal  WINTER sunshine (73 degrees)- saw the ruins of Los Angeles past, got in some exercise and met some fun, new people as well. I got to take some very cool pictures (see below) and had some bonding time with my fiend (yes, fiend- not friend) X-tine…what could be better?!

ARTSY PICTURES…for your enjoyment



Are you enjoying them yet? Are you?! Don’t DENY ME!


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