You Found ME!

It doesn’t matter if you’re FAT, CHUBBY, OBESE, BEEFY, BIG BONED, PAUNCHY, PLUMP or ANY of these SYNONYMS…You need to get out there and MOVE!


  Hello… My name is ROCKY BENNETT…

                          Welcome to FAT ADVENTURES!

Most people describe their Weight Loss Experience like a journey. I consider mine more like an EXPEDITION. I began this Expedition at a hefty 394 lbs. and couldn’t walk more than a 1/2 a block without having to sit down. It took every ounce of my being to walk out the door everyday so getting myself to a gym or a healthy activity was nearly IMPOSSIBLE.

I finally realized that I was at the point where I was going to eat myself to death and I wasn’t even 40 yet! Something had to change- and quickly. I joined the Y and took the Water Aerobics Classes with the geriatric crowd and found that after a few weeks- I was able to move better and I was dropping weight. Eventually, I needed a little bit more of a challenge and started to find other activities that interested me.

I built this website to encourage other Fatties, Ex- Fatties, Skinny but Lazies and Couch Dwellers to get out there and find an activity that you LOVE! That makes you FEEL GOOD! That feeds your SELF-ESTEEM! I chose these activities because they looked like fun, they were challenging for me and they were something that I may not have tried before.

Since I always have Money Issues I have include activities that are Free or as close to FREE as possible. In edition to those types of activities, I’ll also add some low key things to do as well. Sometimes you’ve just got to wind down, relax and just BE.

Along the way you’ll be meeting my 2 daughters- Jade (21) and Bailey (17), my Semi- Boyfriend Robbie, A Handsome -New Co-Adventurer (my Grandson, Caiden) and various DOGS, Ex’s, Friends and whomever else I can get who might be too weak to escape out of the Blind Fold and Electrical Tape. LoL! Ooops… I mean- it depends on who I can bribe to come with me .

I want this site to INSPIRE, ENCOURAGE and MOTIVATE you. I want to help you become the best YOU possible. Trust me, you don’t have to be “The Body Beautiful” to feel GOOD about yourself. For every lose, every mile you walk, every yard you swim, every foot you climb- I guarentee that you’ll GAIN at least an OUNCE of SELF-ESTEEM…and doesn’t everyone want to feel just a little bit better about themselves?

Enjoy yourself, be CAREFUL but more importantly- get out there and MOVE!


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