The BEST Walk I Ever Took- Chicago

Way back in the day, I took a short business trip with friend of mine who was on the “Strip Club Tour” (don’t ask- seriously).  She really didn’t need me, so I got to run around CHICAGO on my own- without anyone bothering me. It was the most FABULOUS  trip I ever went on.

The BEST walk I EVER took…

I was staying at the Four Points Sheraton on Rush Street. One morning, I woke up and decided that I wanted to walk to the Lincoln Park Zoo. Approximate  Mileage: 1.8 miles

It was about 8am, 20 degrees outside and the sidewalks were empty. I stopped and got a Sugar Free Vanilla Iced Coffee and then I was on my way!

I include THIS on ALL my pages…so here you go!

“What you NEED to BRING:”  Wear comfortable shoes and dress WARM, a CTA card or money for the bus and water. Don’t forget your water!

Chicago’s architecture is most amazing! As Rush turned into State Parkway, I headed into snowy Lincoln Park and made it just in time to enter the Big Cats Building and hear the Male Lion roaring at the top of his lungs…that was absolute magic to my ears! I toured the deserted zoo, saw all the animals that were awake and feeding and then decided to take the bus to Millenium Park.

Imagine my surprise when I found out it was FREE DAY at the Art Insitute of Chicago! I spent HOURS walking around the museum and must have burned a million calories that day. I also walked around the park for a bit and just took in everything around me. After my visit, I took the bus up Michigan Ave until I got to my stop and walked The Miraculous Mile…then shopped tilI dropped!

Chicago had more parks, bike paths and places to walk than ANY city I’ve ever visited. SO exercise and weight loss friendly (except for the fabu restaurants, hot dog stands, GIORDANO’S and extremely friendly BARS…ummm- bring your will power).

It was a LONG, Calorie burning day. I fell in LOVE with a CITY- so much so, that if I could…I would MOVE there in a HEARTBEAT.


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