Almost Ice Cream (but not quite)

There are lots of Protein Ice Cream recipes floating around- especially from Egg Face at .

FYI- I LOVE Eggy and her blog!

I am RICH on personality but POOR on money SO- I can’t afford an Ice Cream Maker (feel free to send me one if you’d like). With that said, I have created my own “Ice Cream” without the Ice Cream Maker. It has a little bit of an ICY crunch but I like to chew ice (my dentist LOVES this) so I prefer it that way! I’m sure this isn’t an original recipe- but it’s really good in my eyes and satisfies my Ice Cream cravings…

Roc’s Fake but FAB “Ice Cream”

1 container of Kroger Carb Master 80 Calorie Yogurt (I like Cherry)

2 Tablespoons of Cool Whip

Dump yogurt into a freezer friendly container. Add the Cool Whip. Mix together. Freeze.

Take out about 20-30 minutes before you want to indulge to thaw a little. Scarf…

Protein- 12 grams / Sugar- 5 grams/ Calories- 105

You can add in anything that is “Food Program Friendly.” I personally like to add coconut (1 Tbsp- 2.5 extra grams of sugar). I also like to make this with Strawberry yogurt and I’ll add an extra fresh strawberry or 2.

So there you go! Indulge!


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