Sepulveda Basin Bike Path- Encino

Look what I bought!

That’s right! El Cheapo bought this brand new Avalon Comfort Bike from Wal-Mart for the bargain price of $99! I also bought a Gel Seat Cover with memory (believe me, it WILL remember my BUTT), some safety lights and a matching helmet (as you do…).

Here’s where I went for my Maiden Voyage:

Sepulveda Dam Recreation Area
San Fernando Valley, NW of the intersection of the 405 and 101 Fwys. Between Woodley/Balboa and Burbank/Victory.

Info: The outer Bike Path is about 9 miles. Google it cuz I’m too lazy to post it.

The Inner Bike Path (starting from Lake Balboa) is about 5 miles. I did the 5 mile path. It’s basically flat with a few little hills (weeee) so it won’t kill you or anything.

Parking: I parked right next to the bike path. There are several parking lots and they all basically lead to the path. Parking is FREE and the park is PACKED on weekends.

Bike Rental: You can rent bikes at the park too. I don’t know how much they are, sorry!

Bring: Lots of water, sun screen, good clear sunglasses, a snack and your HELMET

Wear: Cycling friendly clothes and good shoes. Do NOT wear an IPOD…you’ll find out why later.

Food: Snack bar in the park is open on weekends (not sure about weekdays). There are many places to eat outside the park. Bring a healthy Pic-Nic or sumptin’ for an after ride reward!

Kid/Dog/Cell Phone Friendly

A SAFETY TIP: If you see a sign that says bike crossing, pedestrians stop-  approach cautiously. Why? Because the pedestrians DONT STOP! One almost felt the wrath of my front tire parked on his “Fun Bags.” Ugh! What a moron…

My Adventure:

Some people discover a new sport and they really take to it. I mean- I know lots of Ex-Fatties who absolutely LOVE cycling and totally LIVE for it. As for me…not so much. Don’t get me wrong- I like riding my bike. It’s fun but to do this as a regular thing? I don’t think I’m cut out for it. A few times a week? Sure’  I’m game! Bring it on! Do marathon rides and shit? No thank you!

2010-03-15 16.15.21.jpg

Anyway,  my ride was nice. It was about 80 degrees, the park is pretty, I worked up a bit of a sweat and my legs are sore. Sounds like a successful ride to me! Unfortunately, it was the 1st hot day of the season so my Heat Induced Asthma kicked in about half way thru the ride and I had to stop and catch my breath a few times. I hate when that happens but it does happen so what can you do, right?

I’m still trying to figure out gears like- which ones I’m supposed to use for what. I’m currently working on that…

FYI- my ass hurts and I need a giant seat for my smaller then before but still giant ASS.

Why no IPOD? This path is also used by runners, walkers, skaters and idiots.  They have IPODS and can’t hear you coming. If you have an IPOD on, you can’t hear a seasoned rider coming up behind you- ready to pass. For the safety of Bike Path Humanity- don’t wear one.

Almost back into the park. I went under Balboa Blvd but realized I went the wrong way and turned around. Lots of trash but it’s still cool to ride under the street. BTW- you CAN continue riding to the other side of the park but I wanted to go back to the Lake cuz it’s PURDY!

Finished with my ride and PROUD of myself for getting out there and MOVING! Excuse me? Are you still sitting there and reading this?! Get your ASS up and get that heart pumping! Have you learned NOTHING?!?!?


2 thoughts on “Sepulveda Basin Bike Path- Encino”

  1. I love love love my bike. I am an ex fatty who likes to ride. We went out last night at 8 pm last night for a quick 8 miler. we are building up to something mor like 20 or 30 this weekend… Oh you are wrong about the seat my dear. A big seat just spreads everything out and causes more pressure. I have one of those skinny little racing seats on my bike,. Its all good though.
    When you feel better on the bike you can join us out here for a spin on the aqueduct. Pretty flat and soon you can be on the aqueduct safe from all the wild drivers. Then look to the north and see the poppies and wild flowers…..
    Hugs to you my friend. May your ass not be so sore.. You can get some mtn bike shorts with the padding. Kind a feels like a big ole kotex at first. But boy after 50-100 miler you do aprreciated that padding ok even after 10 you appreciate it.
    LOve n Hugs Liz

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