Walk/Run- Lake Balboa in W. Van Nuys

I’ve always liked Lake Balboa, especially in the early morning…It’s not a huge lake but it’s kinda cool. I’m training for the Revlon Run/Walk which is coming up on May 6th. I’m going to post a link to my donations page so look for it and dig deeply into those pockets!

I really don’t have a “story” to tell you. I just love the ducks, the semi-fresh air and the people who walk in the morning are really nice. That’s about it…HAVE FUN!

Directions: In the San Fernando Valley between Balboa/Woodley and Victory/Burbank

What you Need: Comfy Clothes, good running shoes, water, maybe a hat and sunscreen if it’s SUPER bright out. It’s safe to use an IPOD here.

Parking:  Free

Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

Food/Entertainment: Rent a bike, skates, a paddle boat and other stuff after your walk/run. There’s a food stand open on the weekends (I’m not sure about the weekdays). Bring your own healthy picnic!

Walk/Run Program: The details are linked below but basically you park wherever, stretch for a bit and hit the path going around the Lake- it’s that simple!

Length:  1.3 miles around

Here’s a link to everything you’ll ever want, need and desire to know about Lake Balboa:


Who would think that behind those trees is a High School and a donut shop not- like- bears and mountain goats and shit?!

Here’s the program I’m doing right now: http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml

I’m on week 1! Ha! Maybe I’ll make it to week 2?! I WILL MAKE IT TO WEEK  6 at least!

3 Days a week until the Revlon Run/Walk or until my Self-Induced ADHD kicks in…join me?!


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