Rant- Down for the Count!

It has happened…I am injured.bandages

But how?!  You ask…

Did you fall off a mountain? Crash your bike? Get eaten by wild animals? Snake bite? Poison Oak?


I leaned over my Grandson’s crib to pick him up from his nap and my BACK gave out. Damn.


Damn. Damn. Damn. It has slowed me down to a snails pace and I can’t do anything except eat. I am going through a “feeling sorry for myself” period and I thought that maybe blogging about it will make me stop sabotaging myself.

Funny thing is that I’m supposed to be training for the Revlon Walk/Run. Looks like I will be walking instead of running…bummer.

So as of now, I will pick myself up by my boot straps and solider on. Send some encouraging words and maybe a psychic healing to my back. I need it- seriously…


2 thoughts on “Rant- Down for the Count!”

  1. Find yourself a great chiropractor. I have (had) the same problem over the years. My chiro is a young man that has great techniques that work for me. Last time this happened to me I had to be shuffled into his office with the help of my daughter… walked out under my own speed and could even get myself up into my truck! I should have gone to see him days earlier!!

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