Solstice Canyon- Malibu


If you’d like to see pictures of Roberts Ranch before it burned to the ground, click here:


Directions: Solstice Canyon Main Parking Lot Entrance is located in Malibu off the Pacific Coast Highway at Corral Canyon Road. Turn north on Corral from the PCH and the entrance will be on your left.

Distance: 2.8 miles roundtrip (seems longer when you’re going UP A CANYON)

Ease: The initial part ot the trail  (Tropical Terrace) is fairly easy. Taking the Rising Sun Trail back to the parking lot is HARD because 1/2 is full of switchbacks all the way up the canyon. You’ll see!      

Bring/Wear: A ton of WATER (I brought 100 liters in my CAMELBACK), SUNSCREEN, A HAT, comfortable clothes that will keep you cool in the heat (or warm in the WINTER), hiking boots are best and ALWAYS pack your emergency gear even if it’s a short hike.

Cell Service: Nope

Kid Friendly? 3 and over if you’re in good enough shape to carry them. 8 and over on the Rising Sun Trail

Dogs? On a leash…

The Low Down: The Tropical Terrace Trail to Roberts Ranch Ruins is loads of fun! Yay! A destination hike galore! From the 2nd parking lot, just follow the signs on the trail…First ruin you’ll run into is an Old Hunting Lodge.

Then you’ll continue on until you come across…   which leads you to the Roberts Ranch Ruins!



Across from the House, is this garden area that has these gorgeous statues of Madonna and a worshipper praying at her feet. I loved the way the sunlight played off of the alcove in the side of the mountain.     

To the side of the house, you’ll find these stairs…

That leads to THIS!

   and THIS!

Can you IMAGINE having this in YOUR backyard?! I mean- naturally?!

So after we explored, meditated (at least I meditated), photographed and generally ran around the grounds like kids in a candy (yum) store- we head up the Rising Sun Trail. Why do they call it the Rising Sun Trail? Because you climb so high into the canyon that you pretty much “rise up” close enough to TOUCH THE  FUCKING SUN! I was exhausted and elated when I arrived at the top.

Here’s how the ruins look from half way up…

and this is what the trail looks like when you get to the top… Yes! That’s the Ocean you see in the distance!

A little down the trail… and behind us…


Downhill hurt my princess feet…a lot! I thought because I bought new boots that my problems were solved. Wrong. My toes again keep slamming into the front of my boots. Trust me, I’m trying EVERYTHING to fix this too! I put up with the pain and the trail wound back down into the parking lot. Lately, I’ve enjoyed just about every hike I’m been on. This one is now a BIG FAVORITE!

There are several different trail in Solstice Canyon and you can look all of them up online. One particular trail (Deer Valley Loop) winds past the remains of several log cabins and is supposed to have a very nice view of the Ocean during parts of the climb. I like that so- I’m gonna do this trail pretty soon!

 Here I am again…just in case you haven’t seen enough of me already.


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