Urban Hike- Studio City to Sherman Oaks


Good MORNING! It’s 5:30am…what are YOU doing?!

Okay- so every Saturday Morning, I take an URBAN HIKE. What is an Urban Hike, you ask? It’s a fancy way of saying  Brisk Walk. Brisk Walks are for old people, Urban Hikes are for us HIP folks, ya know?!

I leave work at 4:30am, catch the train to the bus and then I get off at the stop exactly 2.1 miles away from my ACTUAL Bus Stop. Happily leaving the smelly bus, I start hoofin it home.

LOCATION: 1 block West of Coldwater Canyon on Ventura Blvd is the starting point. The above pathway is new to Studio City. It only lasts – like- 4 city blocks but I love to walk on it cuz it crunches. Yes- crunches. The gravel crunches under your feet and for some reason I have always LOVED that sound so I purposely walk on the crunchy side of the street. (Don’t judge me…I know I’m odd. Shut up!) The sound soothes me and helps my mobile meditation…

Wear/Bring: Comfortable clothes appropriate for a 5am walk, WATER (and Starbucks) and good shoes that don’t cause blisters.

Kid Appropriate: Sure!

Cell Service: Yes

Walking Ventura Blvd in the early morning hours is the best! Stores are closed so you can’t be tempted to go in and browse, no one tries to run you over when you’re crossing the street and the air is less smoggy. As a matter of fact, you can smell the Climbing Jasmine in the air as the the buds open up to face the day. If you’ve ever been to or lived in Los Angeles you know how amazing that scent can be!

By the time I make it past K’s Donut Emporium (which has the BEST doughnuts in town ummm, so I’ve HEARD), Casa de Cadillac, Guitar Center, Iguana Vintage Clothing and the Doggie Bakery- I’m ready for bed.

I’ve been doing this walk for a few months now and believe it or not, it’s getting easier.  I may have to start from Laurel Canyon which is 1 mile before Coldwater Canyon. Can I do 3.1 miles? I KNOW I can. Do I want to so early in the morning? Lol! We’ll see….


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