Cabrillo Beach Bike Path- Santa Barbara

Directions: Take the 101 N, take Cabrillo Beach Exit (SB Zoo) and follow the signs to the beach. Park and jump on your bike! From E. Cabrillo Beach to Shoreline Dr Park is Approx. 3 miles.


Click on the picture to see the shear GORGEOUSNESS of SB!

Wear/Bring: SUNSCREEN, a hat, comfy clothes and bring money to eat (and shop if you’d like).

Kid Friendly: YES!

Cell Service: Yup!

The LOWDOWN: After a horrid time in Carpinteria, we headed up here. The good news- This path is MORE my speed. The BAD news- My body AND my tires took too much abuse. I only got about 2 hours sleep so by the time we got here, I was spent. I was also losing air in my tires so it was like riding my bike with an 800 lb elephant sitting in the basket. NO fun…

SB is so beautiful though that it was worth at least making the attempt to ride the Bike Path- even though I probably only went 2 miles total. We will be back to ride this again once I get new tires and sleep for more than 5 minutes!

This is what I had for lunch BTW- SO good!

 Orchard Chicken Salad Sub..yum


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