Carpinteria State Beach Bike Path/Hiking Trail- Carpinteria, Ca

This review/blog page/ story PROVES that I do not love absolutely EVERYTHING I do and definitely SHOWS that I’m not a Pollyana about every form of exercise! Read on, FAT WARRIORS….

Never listen to anyone who says, “My friend said that there is a GREAT PATH at XYZ Beach, just like Venice…” because when you make the attempt to research it and you don’t find any pictures or ANY TRACE OF SAID BIKE PATH AT ALL  but you decide to go there ANYWAY and find that they were TOTALLY WRONG and it DOES NOT EXIST- it’s your own fault for listening OR going in the FIRST PLACE!

(THAT was a long but TRUTHFUL expression of irritation. Excuse the run on sentence.)

The park is off U.S. 101, twelve miles south of Santa Barbara.  Exit at Casitas Pass Road from either North or South Hwy 101, go down Casitas Pass Road to Carpinteria Avenue and make a right at the signal and a left on Palm, the first left.  Park on Palm if you want to save the parking fee. Go to the end of Palm Ave. at the beach.

Bike Trail/Hiking Trail: The trail begins on the left as you enter the park. Look for the campground and follow the road behind it. There are little off shoots and dirt trails and such. Make sure you have a Mtn. Bike for the dirt parts because a Touring Bike or a Utility Bike (like I have) will NOT be the best bike of choice.

Bring/Wear: Lots of water, beach gear if you want to hang out, Sunscreen and wear comfortable clothes or beachwear if you are planning to stay awhile.

The LOWDOWN: Honestly, I freakin HATED this trip. H-A-T-E-D with a capitol HATE! Seriously…I would have preferred to ride thru the town on the street. This just plain sucked. Have I expressed enough how much I hated this trip or should I find some more descriptive adjectives?!

WHY I hated this trip-

On the paved road before you actually got to the dirt trail part of this adventure are several, fenced in campgrounds. I never really could understand the appeal of camping right on top of another camper. The spots are so close together, you can hear the person in the next tent clean the sand out of their toes. When you pass the camping area, all the “roadside” campers have their clothes hanging on the chain link fence. Such class, such class…

The trail actually looked a lot like this except  for the  UNEVEN SAND/DIRT, the tire busting pointy rocks and the random HOLE every 5 inches that you DON’T SEE in this picture.  Honestly, I think it is a better HIKING Trail and only if you want to take a VERY short hike.


The ride itself made me EXTREMELY tired. I had to stop and start several times because of the holes and dips. I never seemed to make any progress. Once I got here  

I was able to stop and watch the seals for awhile. NOTE: Seals smell terrible. The smell of many seals together is equivalent to the smell of a Port-a-potty at the County Fair. Trust me, you won’t be staying in this area very long…

I DID get a little workout because the trail was SO HARD for me but I seriously would never do it again. I felt that my bike wasn’t really the best choice for this kind of path and though my legs are the strongest part of my body, they just didn’t feel up to the challenge.

This was kinda cool and educational. Apparently, there were Tar Pits here at one point and they were the second largest in California. The sign talked about where they were located and what they had found while excavating them and all that jazz. I love educational stuff while I’m trying to workout- it takes away from the PAIN!

Done with the “BIKE PATH” and on to the beach to rest and play in the sand.

My skin looks pretty good in this picture but my hair looks like “Ed Grimley’s.” Le Sigh…

The Wrap-up: After the beach, I rode through town trying to find a place to eat. Everything was Tres Expensive so Robbie  (yes, he was with me and this horrible adventure was HIS idea)  suggested that we head to Santa Barbara to grab a bite and do THAT bike path. So we did…


One thought on “Carpinteria State Beach Bike Path/Hiking Trail- Carpinteria, Ca”

  1. The trail is a DIRT bike and hiking trail not a road bike trail. It is rather short only about 2 miles max and extremely easy. I ride it daily as it is a very pleasant portion of a longer ride.

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