Subway Orchard Chicken Salad…G-d Bless America

A lot of people hate this sandwich but to me, this sandwich is the  DAVID HASSELHOFF of Subway. It rescued me from drowning in the  monotony of Subway as we know it.

I’m looking at this from a DIET PROGRAM point of view:

A 6 inch Sandwich equals

Serving Size (g) 240

Calories 340

Cal. From Fat 60

Total Fat (g) 7

Sat. Fat (g) 1.5

Trans Fat (g) 0

Chol. (mg) 35

Sodium (mg) 620

Carb. (g) 53

Dietary Fiber (g) 6

Sugars (g) 12 (this is from the fruit)

Protein (g) 18

Vitamin A % DV 8

Vitamin C % DV 30

Calcium % DV 6

Iron % DV 20

with regular Veggie Toppings, you’re probably looking at another 30-40 calories. No big deal – load it up with THAT VEGGIE GOODNESS!

As a GASTRIC  BYPASS Patient, I do not eat bread on a regular basis but I do eat it occasionally. I got this sandwich on the Omega-9 grain bread and it rocked!

Let me SAY THIS with all due respect to those of you who DO NOT watch your weight…if you don’t like, do NOT review online. I want SUBWAY to keep this little GEM of a sandwich on the menu. If you can eat anything you’d like, you wouldn’t chose this anyway!!!!!



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