Stuff- A WOW moment

When I was really, really BIG- I used to shy away from small children. Why, you might ask? Because small children are brutally honest and they just blurt things out. Usually, when I’d see a child or 2 walking down the street with their Mom- I’d smile to acknowledge them. 9 times out of 10, they would turn to their Mom and say, “Mommy! Why is that lady so BIG (or so FAT)?”

I’d hear that and wish that I could disappear.

Today, it was a whole other ballgame. Walking to work from the train station at Hollywood and Highland, I saw a family with 2 children coming up the street towards me. The 2 little boys were playing with their “Toy Story” action figures and just having a grand ole time. As they past, I smiled at the boys. One turns to his Mom and says, “Mommy- that lady…. (are you ready?) SMILED at me!”

He didn’t ask why I was so BIG (or FAT) nor did his brother.

WOW! I actually felt NORMAL and normal feels pretty good.


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