A Vegas Workout- on the STRIP

Staying within a 3 mile radius, myself and my current “Co-Host” ran ourselves COMPLETELY ragged while in Las Vegas. Just walking from one hotel to another burned up extensive amounts of calories.

Here we are BTW…

We went to 3 exhibits: The Bodies, The Titanic Exhibition (both at the Luxor- sorry, no photos) and The Shark Reef (at Mandalay Bay). I was staying at Excalibur    and Luxor is next door so we walked over there instead of taking the Monorail (calories burned). First, we went to The Bodies Exhibit and walked around (slowly) for about 1.5 hours. Then, we walked to Mandalay Bay (again, no monorail) to forage for some sustenance.  Deciding to stay, we then headed to The Shark Reef.

Again, a S-l-o-w walk but absolutely beautiful!


Walking back thru the mall that connects Mandalay Bay to The Luxor, we headed to the Titanic Exhibit. Again, a slow walk around the Exhibit and then…back to the Hotel for a NAP.

HOW can this be a workout you might ask? The walking, my friend…the walking. As long as you’re not OVER INDULGING on on food and drink (hard, I know…) you’ll get a great workout from just the walk alone. Even if you HAVE indulged- you can counter act your mistakes with a little extra hoofin’! FYI- we walked for a total of 6 hours.

What to Wear: As little as possible- it’s F’en HOT, comfy shoes, something with rhinestones (c’mon- you’re in VEGAS) and Sunscreen (If you’re venturing outside)

What to Bring: Water and more water and MORE water!

It’s not hard to fit in a workout- even if you ARE on VACATION. All you need are some tennis shoes and some ADVENTURE!


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