Springs Preserve- Las Vegas

Visit the Springs Preserve

333 S. Valley View Blvd. at US 95
Open Daily From 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Driving Directions

Nevada Residents
Ticket Type Cost
Adult $9.95
Senior (65+) $8.95
Student (18+) $8.95
Child (5-17 years) $4.95
Child (under 5 years) No Charge
Ticket Type Cost
Adult $18.95
Senior (65+) $17.05
Student (18+) $17.05
Child (5-17 years) $10.95
Child (under 5 years) No Charge


This little gem of a Museum/Preserve/Garden/Hiking Trail lies smack in the middle of Urban Las Vegas! An amazing adventure that will take you off the strip and deposit you into another time, The Springs Preserve is educational AND recreational…a very NICE combination! For a detail account of just about everything they have available to do, check out their Website: http://www.springspreserve.org/plan/plan_your_visit.html


For the Hiking Trail: The HIKING TRAIL and GARDEN are FREE OF CHARGE.  Wear a hat, sunscreen, sturdy shoes and bring plenty of water. The hike is basically flat and there are a lot of ruins to see! 1.8 miles I believe… NOT RECOMMENDED in temperatures above 80 degrees!


The (Manmade) beginning of the Hike that starts where the museum starts…         

Here is the link if you’d like more information regarding the trails: http://www.springspreserve.org/attractions/trails.html

WE (as in Victor, my co-host and myself) were a dripping wet mess by the time we got to the Preserve having visited the Zoo only moments before (see: 

https://fatadventures.wordpress.com/2010/08/20/southern-nevada-zoological-and-botanical-park-las-vegas/  for Zoo info).

Victor looks like Clark Kent, doesn’t he? Anyway…

We visited the Museums as well as the grounds and discovered a lot about how Las Vegas came to be!  Points of interest:

The Origen Experience where you can see…

Live Animal Habitats:    (Foxy is sleeeeping)

The Natural Mojave Gallery: Where you can see a FLASH FLOOD indoors!

People of the Springs Gallery: Where you can see and hear the early settlers come alive!


We decided to become part of the act in the Train Gallery! Alllll Aboard!

Native American Settlements:      

My FAVORITE part was the Photo Gallery! They had the most gorgeous pictures of the desert you have EVER seen!

Anyway! I enjoyed every bit of it but would recommend that you either see the museum grounds and do the hike another day if it’s BLAZING HOT or Plan just a day in the gardens and on the trails when the weather is cooler!


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