Rant- Complete Yourself!

I posted this a few days ago https://fatadventures.wordpress.com/2010/08/20/stuff-lose-200-gain-250/ and received some interesting comments. The most interesting of the responses basically said “…I am ecstatic and so very hopeful that youv’e found the man who will complete you.” Really?

Let me be quite clear about this…

A woman does not need a man to complete her. Ever.

What a woman needs to realize is that she has the ability to make and KEEP herself happy and there is no man in this entire world that can do that for her. After this 3 year + transformation, I have finally come to terms with this and have completely embraced it. Yes, we ALL lack self-esteem at times  do to our past food and body issues but it really comes down to the fact that once we do the work, we can heal ourselves and make our OWN lives complete. Having a loving, caring man is just the Sugar Free Icing on the Cake.

My little affair with Victor is what it is…an affair. The chances of this turning into something permanent is practically slim to none. Victor and I are therapy to each other and at this point, it’s just the way we like it but if we end up going our separate ways- so be it. Like I said in my previous post, sometimes you have to give yourself physically to open up your mind mentally. That’s where we  BOTH are and will probably stay for awhile.

If Victor chose to stop speaking with me completely out of the blue, would I beat myself up over it? In the past, I absolutely would but right now my head is in a good place and I know what we are/were for each other. I finally understand what I need to do to feel happy and content within my own life and that is one of the most ground breaking strides I have taken since my weight loss.

As I close this mini-blurb, I have come to realize how proud I am of myself and my accomplishments so far. I think I’m about 96.5% “complete” and only 96.5% because…nobody’s perfect!


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