Stuff- Change Your Body and Your Head Will Follow? A Cake Story…

Today I spend the entire morning carving and decorating a cake for my Grandson Caiden’s 1st Birthday.  This is the first 3D cake that I’ve ever made and -trust me- it was quite a challenge!

What does this have to do with EXERCISE and ADVENTURE? Nothing really, but it DOES have to do with WEIGHT LOSS. You’ll see why in a minute…

I began this cake about 2 days ago, baking the 2 round layers first and then freezing them so they can be easily carved. Then, I baked the base layer. As the base layer was baking, the rack in the oven tilted backwards and it made the layer completely uneven. When I took it out, I was dumbfounded. Should I bake another layer? Should I just use this one? WHAT should I do?!?!

I thought about it for awhile and then I realized that I had to laugh at the situation. Why laugh, you might ask? Here’s where the WEIGHT LOSS part comes in…

Way back in the day when I was 400 lbs., I felt like I had to impress everyone. Whether it was with my baking, my intelligence, my creativity, my ability to read  6 novels a week- whatever. That was my way of making myself feel better. Everything I did had to be PERFECT because my body wasn’t (and STILL isn’t- but that’s ok). If the cake incident would have happened back then, I would have thrown a fit! I would have cried, said that I couldn’t do anything right and chances are that cake would have ended up in pieces all over the backyard. The dogs would have appreciated my temper tantrum but the rest of the household…not so much!

Since I have taken off the weight, a good part of my personality has changed. Everything doesn’t need to be perfect anymore. Yes, it is important for Caiden’s cake to be impressive since it is his 1st birthday and I did want to make him something special but you know what? It isn’t worth having a hissy fit over and it sure as hell not worth having the dogs go into a 4 hour sugar spin because I decided to shotput that puppy across the yard.

As I built Caiden’s cake, my heart swelled with pride. I was challenging myself by doing something I had never done before. This was something I would avoid because I was afraid of failure. If I made a mistake THIS TIME– I’d fix it and move on. By the time I was done, I had a great cake and a well deserved, inflated ego. The ego was from my realization that I am growing as a person and this was something I never would have expected at the beginning of my WL journey.

Bloody HELL Woman! What is the point to this story?!

Work on your body and your head will follow. It might take a while but when you’re there, you’ll realize that what you’ve gained is even more important than what you’ve lost!



oh…BTW- I ended up using the F’cked up bottom layer anyway. Just in case you really needed to know!


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