Choo Choo! Exploring the Railroad Tunnel Trail- Boulder City, NV.


Directions: This hike is located along Highway 93 in Lake Mead National Recreation Area, about 1 hour southeast of downtown Las Vegas.

From Vegas Baby! Drive south on Highway 93, through Boulder City, to Lakeshore Road. Turn left (north) onto Lakeshore Road and drive north for a few tenths of a mile to the Lake Mead Alan Bible Visitor Center turnoff. Pass the turnoff, drive another 0.1 miles, and turn right (southeast) into a large parking area. This is the trailhead.


4.4-mile walk (round trip)

Flat and Easy (like me in H.S.)



Be off the trail by NOON in the Summer!


  1. Sunscreen
  2. WATER! LOTS of Water!
  3. A snack or lunch
  4. Hiking Boots or Sturdy Tennis Shoes
  5. Appropriate Clothes for the weather
  6. A Hat would be nice (and stylish)!

Kid Friendly, Dog Friendly and  Great for Beginning Exercisers.

Meet My Co-Host….. Officer Victor aka Superman (but don’t tell anybody)

The Railroad Tunnel Trail is a terrific, short, out and back hike that pretty much anyone can do.  I chose this hike for Victor and myself because we had gone kayaking the day before and I had no idea what physical condition we’d be in the next day.  We were draggin’ a bit but all and all- we had a good, little workout on this trail.

The trail is well marked and “crunchy” (full of little rocks- I love crunchy trails). The view is amazing and it gets even better everytime you reach a tunnel. You can see the railroad ties that have been tossed off the side of the mountain along with rusty cables and old rubbish from the Men who built Hoover Dam. VERY COOL.

I love the fact that this trail has a story- history, if you will….

When hiking this trail, you are basically walking on the Railroad bed that used to haul  construction supplies to Hoover Dam from 1931 – 1935. The tracks were used until 1961 and dismantled in 1962. It became part of the Natl Register of Historic Places in 1984. Again, very cool.

*A Crunchy Trail *

Our Hike in a nutshell…

We walked (crunch), we met cool people, we talked, we played with other hikers dogs, we sat and looked at the view while enjoying a snack, we talked about the history of the tunnels, we took pictures, we checked out the view, we visited all 5 tunnels and THEN…we turned around and did the same thing on the way back! The End!

It’s been WAY too long since you’ve seen me- here’s a pic!





One thought on “Choo Choo! Exploring the Railroad Tunnel Trail- Boulder City, NV.”

  1. This is a easy and great walk, I have done it several times. If you actually go past the last tunnel it takes you to the Hoover Dam and it is a beautiful sight! I have been told it is a 8 mile round trip if you go all the way to the dam. Love it, I usually do it 2-3 times a year since I live near by.

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