Grapevine Canyon- Laughlin, Neveda

After you’re done indulging yourself on the Gambling and Buffets- get your ass in gear and work the laziness and calories off by hiking Grapevine Canyon! Only about 20 minutes max from the Laughlin Strip, this gorgeous hike really relaxes the mind and feeds the soul.

Your Hiking Hosts:  


  You all know me!          …and here’s Victor!

Directions:  From Laughlin: Take Casino Dr to  Hwy 163 (make a Left onto 163) and follow it  for about 5 miles.  Make a right on Christmas Tree Pass and follow the dirt road to the parking area.

The Details: After a 1/4 mile walk on a dry but sandy riverbed, you’ll come upon the most beautiful collection of Native American Petroglyphs imaginable.


Perched on the mountainside, a very easy and short climb will get you closer to these wonderful pieces of history.




After photographing the petroglyphs and hiking up and down the mountain, we decided to continue onward and upward to get a better view of the valley and see the 3 little waterfalls that were further up the canyon. This took some boulder scrambling so if you are not much of a climber, I’d skip this part if I were you.




This is straight up the Mountain



                  A Great Little Cave leading further up the Mountain…


One of the 3 Little Waterfalls…








If you want to go all the way to the top of the mountain, stay to your right and scramble up that way. I’m a little afraid of heights so we only went halfway up and then sat for a while and just took in the whole view. The wind was blowing lightly through the canyon and we were watching other hiker climb up the boulders. Many of them stopped to chat! It was a lot of fun!


A Little Extra Info for You:

FYI: I wouldn’t do this in temperatures over 80 degrees. There is no shade unless you climb into a cave or something!


  • PLENTY of water, even if it’s NOT hot
  • Appropriate hiking attire
  • Hiking boots or sturdy tennis shoes
  • Layer if it’s cool out
  • a SNACK for energy

Handicap Access: NO

Kid Friendly: Yes

Cell Service: Sort of

Dog Friendly: Yes- just clean up after them please

Type of  Hike: Easy/ Out and Back

Distance: 3 miles roundtrip

I had a great time hiking with Victor and I loved walking through the sand (even though it was kinda tough) as a change of pace from the average, regular dirt path. The view was beautiful, the waterfalls were smaller than I expected but still really pretty. It was fun to meet up with other hikers and being able to look at the petroglyph and see Native American History live and in person was spectacular!

This Hike is HIGHLY recommended!


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