Grand Canyon Caverns- Peach Springs, Az.


                                                     Your Host (trying not to get eaten by a T-Rex): Rocky

                                                     Missing Host (possibly eaten by the T-Rex): Super Victor

Website Link:

Directions:  Grand Canyon Caverns Mile : 115 RT66 63 Miles NE of Kingman AZ and 65 Miles West of Williams and the Grand Canyon Railroad.

The Low Down: By far, the BEST tourist attraction I have EVER been to (and I LOVE touristy stuff)!

All the facts you could possibly want to know about the Caverns are in this picture!

Where’s the EXERCISE? OMG! This tour is 45 minutes of hills. One of which is “affectionately” called, CARDIAC HILL. Excuse my french but- No Shit! They say it’s a 6% incline…it’s more like a 666% incline (huff-puff)! The air is so pure that it takes a minute for you to get used to it. Trippy, right?

Our Tour Guide was FANTASTIC and gave us all the facts with comfort and ease. There is a small (very small) museum to tour after the main tour which answers any other questions you might have regarding this AMAZING hole in the ground. One of the best facts they told was that the Caverns were used as a Bomb Shelter in the 1950’s! You can see all the food and water that they stored there way back when…The cavern is large enough to hold 2000 people and keep them alive for 2 weeks. Really?! Whoa…

They have a room built within the 2 football fields long cavern that you can rent for $700 a night. I’ll pass, thank you but it was cool to look at!

Wicked Cool, No?!

Here are some more pictures of “down below.” If you’re claustrophobic, get ready to struggle…


I do have more pictures which will be posted at a later date!


  • Water- at least one big bottle.
  • Comfortable Clothes
  • Sturdy Tennis Shoes
  • A Camera

Kid Friendly: Yes

Handicap Access: They have a special tour for Wheelchairs and such

Dog Friendly: No

Cell Service: You’re 22 stories underground…who in the world are you calling from there?

Food: There is a restaurant that serves excellent sandwiches. Try the turkey! Nom!

The Wrap Up: Standing back and staring at the medium sized building which houses the Gift Shop, Mini-Museum and the Restaurant- I shook my head in amazement, not actually believing what is 22 stories below. A mild-mannered attraction with such touristy goodness inside… how lucky was I to experience this natural wonder?!


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