Grand Canyon NP- Rim Trail

                                                                 Your Host on Her Birthday!

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The Grand Canyon has been on my MUST SEE list for as long as I can remember. As a present to myself, I chose to spend my birthday at Grand Canyon NP. Just a 4 hour drive from Laughlin, Nv (which was my home base for this trip) and you’re in the one of the most gorgeous National Parks in the United States.

Direction to the RIM TRAIL: When coming from the main gate, park in parking lot 4. You can pick up the beginning of the RIM TRAIL in this locations and also visit the Information Center. Make sure you check out the wonderful information board regarding hiking the canyon. It just might save your life.

The Details:

We (my Co-Host Victor and Myself) left Laughlin a little later than planned but were on the road around 7:15 am.

We hit the town of Williams which is the gateway to the Grand Canyon and stopped at this wonderful sandwich shop called The Brown Bag (on 1st Street). They have a billion sandwiches to pick from and will wrap up a wonderful picnic lunch to take on your Canyon Adventure. This place rocks hardcore and adds enough protein to your sandwich that you don’t even miss the bread (just in case you have issues with carbs).

We took the Hwy toward The Grand Canyon and climbed ever higher until we arrived at the Main Gate. It’s $25 for admission which is good for 7 days in the park. We were there just for the day and trust me- it was worth every penny! Following the road toward the parking lots/camping areas, we turned into the very first one- Parking Lot #4. I found that this was the best lot to park in if you want to get some exercise while hiking the RIM TRAIL.

After reviewing the Hiking Display in the Visitors Center Courtyard, we bundled up (it was 25 degrees) and headed for the trail. After a 5 minute walk, we came upon this:

Happy Birthday To ME! Wow! 

We continued hiking for an additional 3 miles, stopping at the geological center and then ended at The Grand Canyon Village. Having our picnic lunch in a rocking chair, on the porch of EL Tovar Hotel was truly a moment. I was spellbound and drunk on nature at this point and completely enjoying myself when the wind picked up, the temperature dropped to about 19 degrees and we needed to hit the road.

Just the Facts: The RIM TRAIL is 12 miles of well paved, educational and fairly level awesomeness which has Wheelchair Access. It has informational signs, touch displays and periscopes set up for you to see sections of the canyon outlined on their informational placards. Photo ops abound! WARNING: You can slip and fall into the Canyon VERY easily. Don’t do anything dumb, seriously…

There are shuttles going from the Parking Lots to the Camp Grounds to The Village and the Vistors Center. It’s nice to pick one up after you’ve hiked a few miles and are completely windblown and boardering on frozen (or boiling to death in the summer months)…it’s like a free mini-tour of the park!

There are many trails to explore here at the South Rim- but be aware of your physical conditon, the heat/cold factor and the amount of provisions you take along. The Grand Canyon can be dangerous if you don’t recognize your limitations!





  • Weather appropriate clothing (bundle up for the cold, layer for the heat)
  • Plenty of water no matter the weather
  • A camera is a MUST!
  • Hiking Boots or Sturdy Tennis shoes. Hiking boots for sure if you’re going on a MAJOR Trail.
  • Food for energy, especially in the Summer when you’ll need extra salt!
  • Sunscreen


Kid Friendly? Yes, just keep an eye on the little ones at all costs!

Pet friendly? Yes

Handicap Access? Yes

Cell Phone Service? Surprisingly Yes. Above the Canyon.

All and all-  I had an amazing adventure and celebrated a birthday that I’ll never forget! On the way back to the hotel, I snapped this picture of the moon over the Az desert…

A beautiful end to a wonderful day…


2 thoughts on “Grand Canyon NP- Rim Trail”

  1. cool! I went there when I was a kid on our way out to cali from jersey…did u get any pertrified wood? these pictuures are amazing…and were you cold even though u were hinking?

    1. I didn’t buy any or “borrow” any but I touched some petrified wood! Yeah- it was cold even though we were hiking…got colder when we stopped!!!! You should revisit the Grand Canyon as an adult…you’ll really appreciate it now!

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