Keepers of the Wild- Valentine, Az.

As per their website, ” A non-profit organization caring for sick, injured, orphaned or displaced wildlife with the intention of returning them to appropriate habitats in the wild.”

…and what an amazing job they do!

 Address: 13441 E Hwy 66
                      Valentine, AZ 86437-1109
                      (928) 769-1800

Cost: $18 a person and worth EVERY penny! There is a tour as well, but you’ll have to call for the price

Kid Friendly? Yes!

Dog Friendly: NO!

Cell Service: No.

Food/Drinks: Vending Machines

Workout Level: You can make this as hard or as easy as you’d like.

When first arriving at “Keepers,” you are greeted by Willy the Cockatoo who is a lovely gentleman. After paying the admission, we headed to the bird house to say hello to those noisy, little critters. My Co-Host Victor and I opted to walk the grounds ourselves for exercise. The tour is WAY more informative but the walk is WAY better for you- lots of little hills and one really big one that once you get to the top, you’re able to see the WHOLE compound.

“Keepers” has a variety of Big Cats: Tigers, a White Tiger, Jaguars, Leopards and one GORGEOUS Lion! They also have Wolves, Coyotes, Ravens, Emus, Llamas, a Burro, Wolf  Hybreds and lots of Monkeys.

We spend over 2 hours exploring the compound and I think they do an amazing  job. I really enjoyed the walk and felt it was a good, but slow workout especially the big hill!

FYI- They are adding hiking trails to the grounds. One is already open but there are more to come. I would definitely pay to see the compound and then hike the trails afterward but only in the winter or spring. I bet it’s brutal there in the summer!

“Keepers” is a wonderful organization and I felt privileged to have contributed to their cause!

Here’s some EYE CANDY for you:



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