Just a Walk in the Park! Johnny Carson Park- Burbank, Ca.

Address: 400 Bob Hope Drive Burbank, CA 91505

Hours: Dawn to Dusk

Parking: In the lot or on the street

Exercise level:  As easy or as hard as you’d like to make it.

Dog Friendly: YES!

Kid Friendly: Absolutely (there’s a terrific Playground).

Cell Phone Friendly: Yes!

The Low Down:

Right next door to my office   is an Oasis on the edge of the Burbank/Griffith Park border. The fun thing about this park is the “World Trail.”

This “Trail” has an array of exercise stations with instruction on how to use the equipment. I didn’t use it this time but I’m gonna consider using it in the future.  There’s a beautiful pathway that takes you around the circumference of the park. It’s not terribly hard and the terrain is basically flat. I went around 5 times (30 minutes) and going around one time is about .35 miles. Excuse my math skills but I believe that comes out to around a mile total if you DO go around 5 times.



It was a wonderful, So Cal early evening and the weather was just gorgeous! I had to get in this mini-workout and then drag my dead ass to work. There wasn’t a lot to see but I enjoyed the wooden bridges that were built over the stream. The trees were older and smelled brilliant! The evening had a slight breeze and you could detect the scent of  pine in the air. It was a lovely start to my work day!



I love the fact that you can see this  

from here .

Johnny Carson must’ve loved being able to see the park named for him from the sound stage he filmed the Tonight Show on…

I plan on visiting this park frequently now that I have cancelled my gym membership. There’s no excuse NOT to take this enjoyable walk at least a few times a week!



Exercise clothes

Tennis Shoes


Bug Spray!

Loads of Water


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