Stuff: Becoming Me

I finished watching Eat. Pray. Love.

I hate to admit that I liked the movie even though I despised the book. Let me tell you why…

I have learned in my old age that you have to make the best hand out of whatever cards you’re dealt. If Elizabeth Gilbert (the author) need to jet around the world to make the best of hers- then more power to her. If I had the money, I probably would have jetted around the planet as well but quite honestly- I think I would have learned what I know now whether I was in Bakersfield or Bali. What is it that I know?

I’m Damn Lucky.

You can make lists of all your accomplishments*

You can sit and Self Promote on a Social Network*

You can walk around saying that you deserve to be famous*

 but until you have that one moment of pure, undiluted clarity…whether it’s on a Mountain Top in Bali, a stroll on the Boardwalk or in the parking lot of Mar’s Cheese Castle (Kenosha, Wi- respectfully) you’ll never meet the most important person you’ll ever know…You.

It was a long, silent road in the middle of the Arizona Desert where I met Rocky.  In 25 degree weather and heavy gusts of wind, I looked down the barren hwy and watched the dirt dance across the empty lanes. The wind blew through my hair like a bad movie cliche’. I closed my eyes and accepted its invitation…the 2nd one I ever received but a message more violent and clear then the 1st…

I get it.

Thank you.

I’m Damn Lucky, this I know…

…and Rocky-

it’s nice to finally meet you.


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