Rant and/or Stuff- Do You Have A Food Addiction?

Every other entry on Facebook/Twitter/Foursquare is about what you’re cooking, where you are going to eat tonight, how many tacos you wolfed down or how HONORED you were to meet that FAMOUS Chef who opened a restaurant in your town. Your company has ICE CREAM Friday or Birthday Cake Tuesday and you look forward to it- the minute you wake up on Monday morning. Holidays revolve around what is going to be BBQing and County Fairs are judged by how much fried crap you can shove down your gullet. Your nights are spend with your loved one NOT cuddled up in bed after some HARDCORE “exercise” but  on separate couches- bag of chips in what’s left of your lap, watching the Food Channel.

You– like many millions of us (including myself) are addicted to food. What sucks about been a Food Addict is that you really can’t stop eating ~ you need food to live, right?! It’s hard to get control over any addiction but food is everywhere! I mean, they don’t advertise the latest Crystal Meth Pipe or Dime Bag Dollar Menu every 5 seconds on TV, do they?!?! No, they don’t…

There is NO simple solution to getting on top of this addiction and (trust me) I’ve been working on MINE for quite sometime. In lieu of $200 an hour therapy, 60 days in a Rehab or spending a summer at an Ashram- here are some minor “tricks” that you can execute that may help you get a handle on things…

1) Don’t Blog about food for at least one day.

2) Change ONE of the 21 meals you eat in a week into a healthy meal.

3) Eat ONE less Taco…just one.

4) If you don’t cook, ask your partner to pick ONE healthy recipe to prepare.

5) Talk to a friend or loved one about WHY you want to eat the house. Sometimes saying it out loud can help immensely!

I know these suggestions sound ridiculously simple but you’d be surprised how one little change could make a big difference. I’m always trying to find a way to make myself “FEEL BETTER.” Honestly, don’t we ALL want to “FEEL BETTER?!”


One thought on “Rant and/or Stuff- Do You Have A Food Addiction?”

  1. I don’t really like the term addicion applied to food. Having been addicted to ciggies, and come close to some other stuff, and most importantly, having witnessed a few people trying to kick heroin, food doesn’t make the cut. It’s true that it sets off pleasure receptors, as do all addictive stuff, so in that way, it’s a bit reasonable to talk about it as so. Just the same, I think a lot of this is blood sugar issues from eating too much processed crap, and since I started eating less processed crap, I get few cravings, don’t get the urge to overeat, etc. I notice, if I eat something like pizza or ice cream, I may get some noticeable cravings, but I ignore them, go right back to eating my veggies and healthy fat and protein and grains.

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