Salt Creek- Hwy 127- in the Mojave Preserve

  I had the pleasure of seeing this GORGEOUS sunrise prior to my hike. Glorious!

Directions: From Baker, Ca- Exit Interstate 15 (N) at Baker (exit 246). Make a left and then a quick right onto Hwy 127. Take it for a LONG ASS TIME until you see the Salt Creek Trail turn-off. Slowly head down to the parking area.

Length of Hike: I don’t have the mileage, but I’m gonna say around 2 miles roundtrip

Cell Service: None

Kid Friendly: Big kids- over 6 years of age

Wheelchair Friendly: No Way

Food/Water: None for 40 miles- so bring sustenance

What to wear/ bring: SUNSCREEN is a must no matter what time of the year, clothes to keep you comfortable in hot temperatures or warm in cool temperatures, WATER- WATER-WATER, a snack for energy, bug spray, HIKE BOOTS or VERY sturdy tennis shoes.

The Low Down: I was on my way to Vegas and as always, I took a side trip into the desert to see the sites. I spied this hiking trail about 25 miles from Baker, Ca. and I had to check it out. The beginning of the trail features a sign depicting the unusual wetlands existing in an otherwise dry and barren desert. The explanation of Salt Creek and how it currently exists was just fascinating!

The trail is sandy and rocky at the same time and can be a little challenging at times….

It was very well defined and easy to follow in most places.

Following the signs, I was lead to a adorable, little bridge that crossed over the tiny creek. 


There was a point were I had to do some rock scrambling (as you can see).

The rock scrambling lead to a really cool, little canyon….

 Which lead up to the Salt Beds at the top of the mountain.

If you look at that speck of white on the center- right hand side of the picture, you can see the parking area from which I started.

The Wrap Up:  If I knew it was so rocky, I wouldn’t have done this hike by myself  just because of the chance of turning an ankle and no cell service. That can be dangerous. I also did this hike in June around 6am and by the time I was done (at around 7am) it was already 90 degrees out. I drank 3/4 of my Camel Pack on the way to the car so you can imagine how hot it was becoming! Use caution if going it alone and keep in mind 2 very important things besides having a ton of water with you- SUNSCREEN is a must and Rattlesnakes are EVERYWHERE so watch where you are going!

A side note: THE FLIES

As soon as I pulled into the parking are, the flies attacked my car. Not only where they the most annoying flies on earth, they brought a few other friends. Those other friends where the HUGEST flies I have EVER seen in my life. Seriously, they were mutants. The size of those really humongous, Black Honey Bees. Seriously, one landed on my hat and I thought a bird was perched on my head.

When I was done with my hike, I opened the car door and they all hopped in like they were hitching a ride to Woodstock! Ugh! So after some heavy-duty swatting, I finally just got into my car, opened the windows, headed to Hwy 127 and drove AS FAST AS I COULD so the wind would suck’em out of the car. Mission Accomplished!

As I headed to Vegas, I made additional stops in Tecopa, Ca.  and Shoshone, Ca. Tecopa was an armpit but Shoshone was VERY charming! Both places had the same fly problem…what the hell is THAT all about?!?!

Anyway- it was a very pleasant hike and I enjoyed the solitude and silence of the desert. If you are looking for relaxation dipped in seclusion, visit the gateway to Death Valley. It’ll free your mind and feed your soul…

This is me with mind being freed…bask in the glory of my fed soul! Lol!


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