When you begin a Grand Expedition to fix your past mistakes-you never know where it’s going to lead…

I’ve had some terrific adventures over the past few years and I have to thank you all for joining me on my journey! I’m absolutely blown away that I’m celebrating 5,000 hits on my blog and I hope that you’ve all enjoyed my travels and continue to follow me as I explore parts unknown. The whole point of starting this blog was to help inspire people who feel hopelessly attached to the sofa. I never thought my small goal of making it to the mailbox everyday would lead to hiking mountains and paddling rivers. It’s amazing what you can do when your body and mind become allies instead of enemies!

Even though I am a published author, I’ve never considered myself a TRUE “writer.” I express myself without the use of $3 words and attempt to write from the heart. What you read on your screen is who you’d get in real life and I hope I convey that when describing my treks through the desert, oceans, meadows and mountains of the United States.


Let me indulge in a glass of champagne and toast YOU, Dear Reader!

May you find inspiration in my travels and encouragement in my words.

  It only takes one step to start a journey and I promise to hold your hand

and guide you for at least the next 5,000 hits!



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