STUFF- Joie De La Vie!

                                                          BEHOLD! The NEW Adventure Mobile!

Yes my friends- I am perpetuating the myth that “nobody walks in L.A.” AND contributing to smog factor by driving this lovely piece of machinery ALL OVER town. After 2 years of carlessness, I have joined the ranks of the wheeled and have purchase this automobile to take me on some more FABULOUS ADVENTURES.

Next stop- a quick drive up the CALIFORNIA COAST (bliss!)  to Ventura where I will drop into Neptunes Net (  ) and have some awesome seafood  (not fried) and maybe a little, bitty beer while watching the sunset with some good friends! Now THAT”S- joie de la vie, no?!

Stay tuned for the next few weeks while my car (which has been named “Big Pimpin'” by my friend, Frank) and I hit some mini-adventures around the L.A. area!

Too bad I broke it off with Vegas Victor- he would have loved this ride…oh, well- C’est la vie!


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