A Dockweiler Morning… A Brisk Walk on the Beach

Did you know that walking in the sand can burn up 300 to 800 calories an hour? How cool is that?!

In the wee hours, I decided that just a normal walk wouldn’t do. I needed to connect with nature- take deep, cleansing breaths of morning air and view some beautiful scenery whilst I worked off some serious fat cells. Since I had some business to attend to later that morning, I headed over to Dockweiler Beach.

12001 Vista del Mar
Playa Del Rey, CA 90293

(310) 322-4951

The Low Down:
It’s the beach  directly at the end of 2 runways @ LAX. Super cool to watch the planes take off!
I did a half  hour/1.1 mile sand stroll, took some pictures and sat on the beach and meditated for a bit. I did see the most GORGEOUS BayWatch Style Lifeguard drive by as he was preparing for his day! That was a total bonus!
  • Water is a must
  • Wear shoe if you wish
  • Sunscreen is a must any later than 9am
  • A camera is ALWAYS fun
Surprisingly, the beach is in pretty good shape being that it is so close to LAX. Out in the distance, a tanker was being lead into LA Harbor by a tugboat-  that was very cool to see.
A morning walk on the beach is a WALK for YOU. Don’t bring the kids, leave your lover at home, dogs are an option only if they HELP- not hinder. Get in touch with your inner sandcastle- relax and rejuvenate!

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