Playa Del Rey…another morning beach walk

Culver Blvd & Pacific Ave
Playa del Rey, CA 90293
Look for the sand dunes…there’s ocean behind them.
The Low Down:
I arrived at Playa and found very few people around that early on a Saturday morning. It was  FOG-GY but not too cold so I tossed my jacket into the backseat of my car and headed to the beach. If you know anything about Southern California Beaches you’d know that normally, the sand to ocean distance is generally VERY narrow. This particular beach has quite a walk from the street to the water and you have to cross a bike path (WATCH for Cyclists!).
I have to say…and don’t get insulted Playa Del Rey fans- that your beach is really gross. It was SO full of trash and loaded with oil. Aren’t you people rich? Can’t you pay for your maids to go down there and clean it up? How ’bout bribing a politician and getting them to throw down some money for a clean up. My snotty ass will travel further up north for now on. It’s way cleaner in Malibu!
Exercise: 1.1 miles/ 25 minutes/ Deep Sand
  • Water is a must
  • Wear shoe if you wish
  • Sunscreen is a must any later than 9am
  • A camera is ALWAYS fun

The Wrap Up:

Regardless of how trashed the beach was, I did manage to pull up a patch of sand and meditate for awhile.

There is nothing better for your soul then a foggy coastline, soft sand beneath your feet and the sound of waves crashing onto the shore…


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