The Natural History Museum- Los Angeles


900 Exposition Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90007
Phone: (213) 763-DINO

For Hours, Directions and Admission Prices-


My Co-Hosts for this Adventure


My Grandson Caiden and his lovely Auntie Bay


  • Water
  • a picnic lunch if you want to save your cash
  • a camera

EXERCISE LEVEL: You’ll be walking ALL DAY.

*Everyone thinks that LA has no history… think again.The Natural History Museum is located in beautiful Exposition Park. The park was purchased by the City of Los Angeles in 1889 and destined to become the Cultural Center for our young city. The original a building for the NHM was Open for Exhibition on November 6th, 1913 and exhibits can still be viewed within its walls today. Currently, a grand construction project is underway. The city is adding on an additional wing along with many other features that will enhance your Museum experience!


The Original Stained Glass Dome located in the 1913 building

Our Adventure aka The Low Down:

AFter getting THE BOY dressed, the car packed and our SF Vanilla Iced coffees THANKFULLY in our grasps- Bailey, Caiden (sans cafe’) and I hit the road to Exposition Park.

Parking is $8 and there is easy access to the muesem AND a terrific playground across the street! Currently, the train is being extended to the area (USC is right next door) so it will be even easier to get down there and get your culture on…

Caiden only cared about ONE THING…DINOSAURS!!!

We tried to see other exhibits first: Early California, the Animal dioramas, the Gems but that was 86’d by Caiden and he was the boss on this day so… OFF THE DINOSAUR HALL!

The displays are incredibly well done. Easy enough to scan the info when trying to entertain a 2 year old but with enough facts to actually learn something. Nice going NHM!

The Boy LOVED all the great Dino Dioramas and his Auntie Bay had a great time expanding her horizons as well!

Caiden was VERY into the Animal Diorama Hall. He has quite an obsession with Elephants so he was in complete HEAVEN when he saw this:

Soon, we all became cranky and had to eat. The new NHM Grill is fabulous! Mac n Cheese for my little Man, Veggie Burger for Auntie B and a BBQ Chicken Salad for me…Nom!

To a access the menu, go here:

DO NOT MISS: Walking throught the BONES OF A FIN WHALE!

We visited the Insect Zoo and them Mr. Caiden had a meltdown so we went outside to the HUGE, Grassy area in front of the museum and let him run around. That completely burned him out (and us as well) so we were D-O-N-E.

Re-entering the Museum, we hit the Store on the way out. Expensive but we like to support the Museum- especially on a free day!

Below you will find a picture of a Burnt Out 2 Year Old after eating a VERY expensive Museum Lollipop:

Yeah…he’s had enough.

The Wrap UP:

All and all (minus the meltdown) we had an excellent time and an exercise filled learning experience. In my HUMBLE opinion- NHM/LA still needs A LOT of work to catch up with NHM/NY or The Field Museum/Chicago (luvs!) but it’s still an LA must see.


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