Franklin Canyon- Beverly Hills, Ca.

Address: 2600 Franklin Canyon Dr- Beverly Hills, Ca.

Open: Sun Up to Sun Down

Inside Info: Make sure you make a COMPLETE STOP at both Stop Signs in the park. You WILL get a PHOTO Enforced Ticket!

Directions: Taking Coldwater Canyon (S)- When you get to Mulholland, make a right (NOT UP Mulholland but a R into the residential area). Look for the teeny, tiny little sign…                        

Taking Coldwater Canyon (N)- When you get to Mulholland, make a LEFT (NOT UP Mulholland but a L into the residential area). Look for the teeny, tiny little sign…


Franklin Canyon is a  Beautiful OASIS between the Valley of the Damned (SFV) and Beverly (Hills- that is)…

Trivia: They filmed the opening scenes from The Andy Griffith Show there! Kewl stuff!

Official Site:

Length of Hike: Hastings Heavenly Pond Trail- I don’t have the mileage, but I’m gonna say around 1.8 miles roundtrip. Wodoc Nature Trail is like walking around the block.

Exercise Level: By yourself- you can make it as hard or easy as you’d like. Having a kid in tow makes it a lot slower but you’ll still get something out of it.

Cell Service: Sort of

Kid Friendly: ALL AGES. Only stroller friendly around the duck pond (Wodoc Nature Trail) and on the actual road.

Wheelchair Friendly: Around the little duck pond (Wodoc Nature Trail) and if you stay on the actual road…

Food/Water:  Bring it with you

What to wear/ bring: SUNSCREEN is a must no matter what time of the year, clothes to keep you comfortable in hot temperatures or warm in cool temperatures, WATER- WATER-WATER, a snack for energy, bug spray and VERY sturdy tennis shoes for mini hikes or Hiking Boots (for anything “off trail.”)

My Favorite Co-Host Joined me for my (our) Mini Hike:

My 2 year Old Grandson, Caiden

The Low Down

This was the 1st “official” Grandma/Grandson hike for my Co-Host and Myself. He’s 2 so it was a short hike but a hike just the same. Caiden did very well! He actually listened to me, didn’t run too far ahead and didn’t fall off a mountain or anything- so that’s a plus! We went on the trail closest to the “Big” pond- walking through some tall grass and over some small hills. There are some wooden stairs providing access from the parking areas to the trails and they were quite a drop but Caiden held my hand and navigated them like a champ! Later, we collected leaves and duck feathers for a little art project that we were going to present to him Mom later that evening…

After checking out the “Big” trail, we walked down the fire road to the Wodoc Nature Trail (aka The Duck Pond) where we spent a good 30 minutes watching the ducks, fish and turtles. This is a GREAT place for a well behaved 2 year old (or above) to get close to animals in their natural habitat. I LOVED the fact that there were NO GEESE! Geese can be really mean and I didn’t want Caiden to get scared during his first “hiking/nature” experience.

Here is Caiden at the Duck Pond

…and some more gorgeous pictures for your viewing pleasure:


You know you’re waiting for Opie to come running outta the trees yelling, “Pa! Pa!”

The Wrap Up

If the smell of PINE is what you seek in an otherwise desert-ish land, c’mon down to Franklin Canyon. You can almost hear Andy Taylor whistling down the lane while Aunt Bee puts pies (mmmm- pie) on the windowsill to cool for dinner. This is a much-needed escape destination in the middle of  congested, 90210 Urban Sprawl and I KNOW y’ll will feel country-fied by the experience!


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