Barker Dam Loop- Joshua Tree NP


Just A Note: I had to cancel my BIRTHDAY TRIP because of various issues this year. I was VERY disappointed because it’s the ONE THING I look forward to all year long. I was able to scrape some money together and make it out to Joshua Tree just so I could grab some solitude. I’m glad I did- at least it appeased the Adventurous side of me…for the moment!


Where to go: Trailhead: Take the 10 freeway to the 62 – head North, pass through Morongo Valley, Yucca Valley and the town of Joshua Tree. You will see signs that say Joshua Tree National Park. Turn right on Park Avenue, there is a sign and a stoplight. Follow the road for 6 miles to the entrance gate. Pay your entrance fee and continue, drive for about ten miles, until you see the sign for Barker Dam, turn left and follow this road to the parking lot.

The Lowdown: Look for the Information Sign and you’ll see the beginning of the trail. This is a fun but WELL USED loop with little elevation. I actually went on Presidents Weekend for a reason. That reason being that I would be alone in the park and felt that I need to give up a liittle solitude for safety and believe me- I did. The trail was PACKED! If I would have brok


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