Rhyolite Ghost Town- Rhyolite, NV.

DSC03952Ms. Fat Adventures LOVES a good Ghost Town and by golly- this place TOTALLY fit the bill!

Here’s a link to the history…fastinating stuff: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhyolite,_Nevada


Directions from Las Vegas: 

Take the I-15N to the 95N. 2ish hours later, turn left on NV-374/Main St. (you’ll be driving through Beatty, NV)

Continue for about 2 miles. Make a right at the big sign that says RHYOLITE!


Bring:  WATER, snacks/lunch (or you can chow in the lovely town of Beatty) and a camera.

Wear: 1) SUN BLOCK ( I can’t stress this enough). 2) Tennis shoes or hiking boots (NO flip flops) 3) Warm clothes in the winter- cool in the summer. Actually, I’d avoid the summer completely. This place is SMACK in the middle of the desert and about 5 miles from Death Valley.

KID FRIENDLY with supervison.



WHEELCHAIR FRIENDLY– if someone is willing to push you up the hill, then YES.

My Co-Host: DSC03996Vegas Victor aka Superman

Our little road trip lasted about 2 hours and the scenery across the desert was absolutely GORGEOUS!  Snow on the mountains, white puffy clouds and a sky so clear and blue that your most poetic words would not do the description justice. We excitedly entered the town of Beatty and 10 minutes later made the turn into Rhyolite.   FYI- February in the Desert is freakin’ COLD. Wear a lot of layers and bring gloves and a hat! The wind was brutal but it added to the ambience- creepy wind, creepy place!

EXERCISE LEVEL: If you park at the BOTTOM of the hill: ADVANCED. If you park at the TOP of the hill: Medium.

We parked at the top, hiked around, took pictures, climbed on stuff and had a BALL! We walked all over- exploring every INCH of the place. Some people just drove up, took a few pictures and then split. We spent OVER 2 hours running around the joint. Yes, we got some exercise but to determine how many calories we burned would be impossible!



You can’t miss the famous BOTTLE HOUSE: DSC03998

On the way out, we stop at the Goldwell Open Air Museum


The artist wasn’t in but his art was!


SUGGESTION: Visit the town of Beatty on the way back to Vegas! Check out the: http://www.beattymuseum.org/  while you’re there- it’s VERY cool!


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