First Creek- Las Vegas


It’s been a minute since I’ve been on a hike. I moved to Las Vegas in September 2013 and between the carting of my stuff, getting settled and my Daughter and Grandson moving in with me in January 2014- I haven’t been taking advantage of the terrific hiking and kayaking this town has to offer. Slowly, I shall immerse myself into the outdoor Vegas culture before it gets too HOT and I can’t go out as often as I’d like.


Literally 8 minutes from my “House at the Edge of the Earth.” This trail is located at the beginning of the Red Rock Canyon Scenic Drive. It’s an easy park and hike with no fees or anything costly to prevent you from taking in the beautiful desert!

The Lowdown:

Rated as an EASY hike (which it is when you’re not trudging in the sand)

Wear desert appropriate clothing (Layers in the winter, sun protection in the summer)

Hiking Boots or really good sneakers will work

Sun Block is a must no matter what time of year. Sunglasses and a hat are a good idea

NOT wheelchair friendly

Cell Service is fairly good


Indulge in a snack by the creek!

Very Kid Friendly

There are WILD BURROS walking around here. There is a $500 fine if you feed them- so don’t.


From the Strip- Take Blue Diamond for about 15 minutes West

Where the 160 and the 159 split, take the 159 (Blue Diamond/Red Rock Canyon)

As soon as you pass Spring Mountain Ranch, look for the trailhead on the left side



The trail is marked on either side by wooden stakes. The stakes are to remind you to keep off that particular part of the trail because there was a fire a while back and the vegetation is in the process of renewing itself.


As I meandered up the trail, I kept thinking to myself- there is a TON of Wild Burro Shit- everywhere. I was wondering where those huge shit machines hung out and I came across HIM!


Continuing up the trail, I approached some rocks set into the ground. I hate rocks because I have a tendency to trip over them AND my own feet so I proceeded cautiously.


Bask in this gorgeousness, bitches!

I grabbed a seat  for about 5 minutes so I could rest, take some pics and take in the views. One of the reasons I like to hike alone is for the shear SILENCE and I was blessed with plenty of peace and quiet.



Up ahead was a clump of Pine Trees and within those trees- the creek.


I took a little side trail and headed down to the creek side where I sat, snacked and enjoyed my solitude.

Pretty and peaceful


Back to civilization I trudge…my hiking boots killing my feet the WHOLE way back. I need new ones so feel free to send me a gift card for Bass Pro Shop.  ; ) I stopped again when I saw some movement behind a distant Joshua Tree. A family of WILD BURRO where hiding out in the shade. My camera wasn’t decent enough to get a shot but it was a beautiful site to the naked eye!

All in all- a terrific “get your ass back on the trail” hike. After you’re done gorging yourselves at the BUFFETS- take a little trip out to Red Rock and walk it off!


My professional advice- Don’t sit here. Just sayin’


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