Green Shakes

I’m a BIG fan of Green Shakes because solid veggies and I don’t get along. My Grandson has suddenly decided that he likes them too and as long as he doesn’t SEE ME add the green part- he’s down for an icy cold one!


1 individual bottle of Muscle Milk Protein Shake

Pick a flavor– (Lite Chocolate, Vanilla or Banana)

1 handful of Kale and Spinach Mix or Just plain Baby Spinach

1/2 c Fruit

Pick a fruit– (Frozen or Fresh Strawberries, Frozen Peaches, a Medium Banana, Frozen Cherries, Fresh Blueberries)

A TON of ice

You’ll need a Magic Bullet or a Ninja type blender

Add the greens first, then the ice,  a bottle of protein and then the fruit. Blend the HELL outta this bad boy. Add some water if it’s too thick to get through a straw.

For Kids:  Put it in a cup that is colored and has a lid and a straw so they can’t see the green bits.

Calories Vary. If you drink a whole one yourself, you’ll be drinking around 250 calories.  Split one with a kid and it ends up being a a nice 125 calorie snack!



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