Hidden Veggies

I’ll admit it-I hide veggies in my recipes. You caught me…

I do this for a few reasons:

1) Solid Veggies hate me. This is a Gastric Bypass  thing- my stomach just can’t handle them. When I puree and add them to a dish, my stomach does a lot better with them. Not great, but okay.

2) My 4 year old Grandson will all of a sudden not want to eat veggies AT ALL. He can be a total jerk sometimes- as can most 4 year olds and he’ll make up his mind that this day, month, year  is not vegetable friendly. He makes his own agenda most of the time anyway.


I puree carrots and zucchini and add them to my Spaghetti Sauce which I use for meatballs and lasagna.

I also puree spinach and use it in Meatloaf, Burgers and Meatballs.  It WILL turn your meat green if you use too much. Be forwarned!

Pureed Califlower is actually good when you treat it like it’s mashed potatoes. You can do 1/2 mashed potato and 1/2 califlower as a side dish as well. I also add it to Mac N Cheese. As long as you add a yellow cheese, you can’t tell it’s there.

I’ve heard a lot of Veggie Hiding Moms put pureed Summer Squash in Mac N Cheese too.

DO YOU HAVE A GASTRIC BYPASS FRIEND OR KID FRIENDLY RECIPE FOR HIDDEN VEGGIES? SHARE WITH ME AND IF I LIKE IT- I’ll POST IT2b1e023d2bbde332_veggies_preview I borrowed this picture from popsugar.com so I’m giving them a photo credit. Ta Da!


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