Children’s Discovery Trail- Red Rock Canyon


Located at the 8 mile mark in Red Rock Canyon, The Children’s Discovery Trail is an easy and exciting way to get your family out to exercise and learn how respect and enjoy nature. I was DYING to take my Hiking Partner/Grandson here and this trail DID NOT disappoint!

The Lowdown:

ADMISSION TO RED ROCK CANYON is $7.00 for the day

Rated as an EASY hike (A little bit of uphill but not too bad)

Wear desert appropriate clothing (Layers in the winter, sun protection in the summer)

Hiking Boots or really good sneakers will work

Sun Block is a must no matter what time of year. Sunglasses and a hat are a good idea

NOT wheelchair friendly

Cell Service is fairly good


Indulge in a snack by the waterfall!

Very Kid Friendly- especially if they listen well.

This is a popular trail. If you’re looking for solace, you may want to try it right when the park opens.


From the Strip- Take Blue Diamond for about 15 minutes West

Where the 160 and the 159 split, take the 159 (Blue Diamond/Red Rock Canyon)

Continue to Red Rock Canyon Fee Station (on the left). Make sure you take the time to check out the Outdoor Museum at the Visitor’s Center.




The trail is well marked and loaded with rocks and gravel. The closer you get to the mountains, the more “sandy” it gets!

lostcreek7Isn’t that red sand cool?

Anyway- we climbed closer to the waterfall/creek and came across some interesting sites…


There are many caves and “kitchens” where the Native Americans lived and worked. Caiden is 4 so he doesn’t really “get it” but I told him a few stories about who lived there and HOW they lived there and he basically got it.lostcreek6“THIS WAY GRANDMA!” My little trail blazer led the way to the waterfall. We came upon stairs…if you know me, you know “I hate stairs!” There should be NO STAIRS in nature- ever!

lostcreekstairs“I hear water!”

lostcreek5I took a rest here! Caiden was a big, brave boy and hiked up to the waterfall and went up to check out the cave behind it. It was safe enough to let him go and I wanted him to trust himself and not to be scared of everything.

lostcreek4No reason for this picture other than the gorgeousness of the view.

lostcreek3We carefully climbed down to flat-ish land. I have to warn you that the rocks are very “sandy” and if you don’t have shoes/boots with good traction- you’re gonna eat rock. Seriously…

Above is the bridge over the spring…there is a nice bench to sit on and just take in the scenery.  From here it’s about 5minutes to the parking lot.

TOTAL HIKE TIME: For normal people not really exploring- an hour.

For a Fat Grandma and a kid who has to see everything- 2 hours

Make sure you pack a picnic and walk or drive up to Willow Springs. Lots of picnic tables and small trails to explore!


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