Red Spring Boardwalk Trail- Calico Basin- Las Vegas

redsprings3Red Springs is a DELIGHTFUL .5 mile hike  outside of Red Rock Canyon. I was in NEED of some outdoor time but completely exhausted. I thought that this EASY, LEVEL hike would do me (us) some good. My faithful hiking companion and I headed out for our mini-hike.  We went around the boardwalk twice- so we made a mile out of it.

The Lowdown:

Rated as an EASY hike (Really easy)

Wear desert appropriate clothing (Layers in the winter, sun protection in the summer)

Hiking Boots or really good sneakers will work

Sun Block is a must no matter what time of year. Sunglasses and a hat are a good idea

Wheelchair friendly!

Cell Service is fairly good


Indulge in a PICNIC. There are tables at the beginning of the boardwalk.

Very Kid Friendly- especially if they listen well.

This is a popular trail. If you’re looking for solace- plug in your earbuds.


From the Strip- Take Blue Diamond for about 15 minutes West

Where the 160 and the 159 split, take the 159 (Blue Diamond/Red Rock Canyon)

Continue past the Red Rock Canyon Fee Station (on the left).

Take the next Left after the Fee Station- (Calico Basin) and follow the street…slowly


Sorry for the blur…

redspringsThe boardwalk was built to protect the delicate flora and fauna. Good thing too because SOME people can be really disrespectful and trash EVERYTHING! The meadow is home to the rare Alkali Mariposa Lily of which I saw one. One. Just One. I have to say- It was beautiful!


My mini guide ran ahead to see what was to come (and later took a header after I told him to STOP RUNNING).


Almost to the top of the meadow!


And her she is- The Meadow. Expansive, no?

Surprisingly, there was a bit of wild life abound. We saw a HUGE Jack Rabbit, some beautiful Bluebirds and a Chipmunk!


I LOVE PETROGLYPHS!!! I was trying to explain what they were to Little Mister and it boiled down to Native American Graffiti. I know…I know…but he’s 4!


Check this out…a 2 story cave!

redsprings7Another view of the Meadow and Boardwalk.


I thought this boulder was really neat! Caiden was getting a smooth vs. rough lesson.


Apparently at one time or another, there were 2 ranches here. If you saw how STUNNING this place is- you’d WISH for them to exist again! Above is what is left of the foundation…


This was a terrific Mini-HIke and perfect to combat my exhaustion. Caiden was an awesome, little guide and the weather couldn’t have been better. I have to say this ONE thing though…

PEOPLE can’t shut up. Not for a minute. They have to jabber NOT STOP- continuously. Can’t you do that at a coffee shop and let US HIKERS/EXPLORERS get some peace? Blah- Blah- Blah…even the 4 YEAR OLD understands that in nature, a little quiet goes a LONG way! Shhhhhh….OMG.


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