OMG! What Should I Do?! Getting Into Your Exercise Groove…


Exercise…ugh. So many choices, such little enthusiasm.

My body is very sensitive to exercise. I workout, I lose weight. When I stop because I’m injured or lazy (and it’s usually lazy), my body revolts.
1) Insomnia kicks in.
2) My energy level drops to ZERO
3) I eat like a truck driver.
4) I become an UBER bitch.

The quest to find things that I like to do has been on going. Certain things I LIKE to do (hiking, kayaking) are inaccessible during the summer months (110 degrees is NOT enjoyable hiking/kayaking weather) and I have to find alternatives but some of my choices have been less than thrilling.
I bought a bike. Rode it approximately 10 times and realized- I HATE riding a bike.

I tried the “Couch to 5k” program and came to the conclusion that I should only run if someone is CHASING me.

Exercise bands- just suck. I accidently snapped one and almost took off my head.

This summer was my first since moving to Las Vegas (where the sun seers a hole through your skull on a daily bases) and by the end, I was able to get into my exercise groove. Switching it up seems to be the key for me and making sure that I enjoy what I’m doing is EXTREMELY important.

Here’s what I’m doing:

Weight Training (which I absolutely LOVE)
Treadmill (which I tolerate)
Swimming laps or treading water (for 30 minutes at the Casino pool down the street)
Restorative Yoga (I JUST started this but I already like it)
2 mile early morning walks with the dog (occasionally we saunter, mostly we trudge)
45 minute early morning walks in the desert behind my house (being wary of snakes).

…and when it cools down, I shall add hiking (and a trip or 2 to the Colorado River) to my repertoire.

First off, it’s my blog and you’re reading it so you must find me remotely interesting and Second off- I’m trying to help you.

People need encouragement, HOPE and sound advice from others who have BEEN there and BOUGHT the T-shirt in MANY different sizes. I know I still do- that’s why I write my rants about nutritional advice. When I FINALLY find SOMEONE who makes sense, I’ll share that with you (but THAT’S a WHOLE other subject).

I’ve read a million Facebook updates, Tweets and Personal Blogs by people who make the declaration that they are going to “Join the Gym” or do “25 push-ups and “50 crunches” before they go to work everyday only to RETWEET, UPDATE or REBLOG that they have failed in their efforts one way or the other. Join the club, Kids! I have written many a failure update!

Here’s permission to fail… It’s okay to fall off the horse a billion times! Pick yourself up and brush yourself off because enviably- like gum on your shoe, it will eventually stick.


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